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Please note: This article has not been written to harm or shame anyone, but because of genuine interest.

Have you ever met an escort girl? Have you ever had the chance to ask an escort girl questions about her job, about how she came to do it, about what is expected of her? Or are you like me, that you can only imagine about how it might be? Or maybe that you have met an escort girl, but – like me – you don’t dare to ask the things you are curious about? I once had a prostitute in my living room, but I didn’t ask her anything about her profession. Partly because I didn’t dare; partly because I didn’t like her. But, that’s besides the point.

Escort girls…

How do one become an escort girl? Okay, I guess the ‘becoming it’ part is easy. You just check the yellow pages and pick out random names of escort companies? Or you check the small ads section in the paper and look for that one specific company that’s asking for girls? Right? But, what I mean, how does someone get to the decision to become an escort girl? To do that as a profession?

I get it that some women don’t have a choice. I know some women are forced by circumstances to take a leap into the unknown to earn money to keep themselves alive. I cannot even begin to imagine what thoughts go around in their minds. This post is about those women who don’t need to make the decision to work for an escort agency. They do it not out of need, but because they want to. How do they get to this decision?

Just bear with me while I try to show you how my mind runs around in circles…

Is it because they like sex? But then again, is being an escort girl all about sex? Isn’t it also about companionship? Or does it only happen in books that escort girls escort business men to special occasions but they do not have sex with them afterwards? They are only there for the company? And if being an escort girl is about having sex too, is the escort girl allowed to refuse some things? Like if she doesn’t want anal sex, can she refuse? Or if she doesn’t want to perform fellatio? Is it expected of an escort girl to always do what a client asks of them? May she set boundaries for herself or will she get fired if she does? Maybe it works differently at different escort agencies?

Have you ever wondered about this? Maybe you have different questions from those I have? Who of you sometimes fantasize about being an escort girl? Not for the money, but for the fun of it, for serving different men… and maybe women?

These are just some of the thoughts that go around in my head when I think of how it might be to be an escort girl… by free choice. How about you? What are your thoughts and questions?

Another note: As said above, this article has not been written to harm or shame anyone. I am genuinely interested in the thought processes that someone go through before becoming an escort girl, in whether they are allowed to set boundaries. I am interested in the person behind the profession. I respect their choices and definitely do not look down on anyone because of the choices they have made.




Disclaimer: This post is sponsored, but all words in the post are my own.

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4 thoughts on “Escort Girl

    1. Many thanks for the tip. I have googled ‘Belle de Jour’ and will make a point of reading both the novel and the website.

  1. A lot of escorts don’t actually work for agencies, as they tend to take quite a large cut of the earnings.

    Also you could just google these questions or ‘how to become an escort?’ or look on the saafe website which would answer all of your questions.

    Sex workers are actually real people and I think if you ever bombarded a sex worker with all these questions you’d get a drink thrown over you. We don’t exist for you to fantasise about, or question because of your lack of understanding.

    1. Many thanks for your comment and I am terribly sorry if I have offended you. This article was never written to offend anyone, to shame anyone. I am genuinely interested in the person behind the profession, and as said in my post, I will never just go ahead and ask these questions as I would not want to offend anyone. I treat everyone with respect, no matter who it is or what they do for a job.
      Thanks for the tip on the SAAFE website.

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