Changed Weekend Plans

Last weekend Master T and I were staying overnight in a hotel. Only one night and at first, when it was booked, it was meant to be a sexy night. However, during the afternoon we decided we just needed to regain some energy since the difficult circumstances at home were tiring us out. And, what’s more. The next weekend – this weekend – would be all about pain and pleasure, as we had a weekend away planned with another couple. I had hoped for my ass to look something like this, or even better with more red and purple marks:

20140621-104wm ass marks
My red ass, a couple of months ago when Master T and I had a sexy hotel stay.
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However, fate had something else in mind. During a walk, searching for the next scavenger hunt location – we had already managed to do 4 other locations earlier that day and number 4 had been done literally minutes before fate intervened – we walked down a flight of stairs. Carefully, holding onto the rail. I was downstairs already when I made a misstep. Before I knew it I was on the ground, moaning with pain. My right foot hurt all over. After several minutes, Master T helped me up. I put my high-heeled shoes back on and with the help of Master T, continued walking back to the hotel. Halfway there I took my shoes off as it just hurt too much. Walking on my stockings, it still hurt. We went upstairs where I put on shoes with a lower heel and went down to the bar with Master T. Two hours later we were back in the hotel room. I grabbed a towel, wet it with cold water and wrapped it around my foot.


At this moment I was still confident that the cold towel would help.(click to enlarge)
At the moment this photo was taken, I was still confident that the cold towel would help and the pain would be gone the next morning.
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20140906-022wm foot
Confident enough that I still wanted to be sexy when Master T took a picture to put on Twitter.
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I still thought that it wasn’t as serious, even though it hurt like hell. Unfortunately, I barely slept that night. I even cried like a baby at some stage. The pain was terrible. The next morning I saw a doctor and only then understood that it was more serious than I thought. My week was spent on the couch, foot in the air, walking around with crutches and waiting for the swelling to lessen. Unfortunately, our play date weekend had to be postponed in light of this injury. This I really, really regretted as I was looking forward to the weekend so much! But, it will still happen. A new date is being decided on.

In the meantime I know that I have partially torn the ligaments and I will be on crutches for the better part of 6 weeks. Grrrrrrr… if I could have chosen my pain, I would even have chosen a cane. And… I hate the cane!

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