After Action Satisfaction


I grinned when the title of this post came to mind. This is a phrase from my youth, which was used for advertising Lexington cigarettes. Bear with me for a moment, as I want to share the advert with you, but of course, this post is not really about cigarettes! Just for the record: I’ve never smoked.

Now if you like your smoke with flavor friend,
With anΒ honest to goodness tobacco blend,
The greatest combination yet,
Is you and your Lexington cigarette.

Now I’ve said my post is not about cigarettes, but it’s definitely about satisfaction after some action. The photo says it all!
This is the kind of ‘cigarette’ I like!

Master T's cock, after I've sucked and swallowed
Master T’s cock, after I’ve sucked and swallowed
(click to enlarge)

Β© Rebel’s Notes

32 thoughts on “After Action Satisfaction

  1. So let me get this straight… you click Master T’s cock to enlarge it? That’s err, unusual. πŸ˜‰

    Me, silly?

  2. Action satisfaction indeed! I love the look of a freshly sucked cock. I also love the graphic quality you’ve gotten on this photo with the white shirt, black briefs and yellow background. Really cool!

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