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Back in May 2014 I have been tagged by Neil Winnington for the Writing Process Blog Tour. Except for mostly keeping up with memes, I have done little writing in the last months, since most of my time was dedicated to changing my website and moving this website and three others over to a new host. I still have some work on this site, but for the most everything has been done. Being done with the re-design and the move, I now have time to catch up on my writing. For moments I have considered not doing this post anymore, but since I saw that some people are still participating in the blog tour, I decided to go ahead with this post.

The blog tour consists out of 4 questions and it concludes with me having to nominate three other people to participate in the blog tour as well.

1. What am I working on?
Other than posts for my blog, I am not working on any particular stories now. I have done a couple of submissions for anthology calls before I started the re-design of my site and on some of those I am still waiting to hear whether the stories have been accepted for publication. In the next weeks I will start writing for anthology calls again, once I have caught up on writing a couple of posts for my blog. That will get my fingers back in practice, and my creative juices flowing again.

2. How does it differ from others of its genre?
I think my work is very similar to others in the same genre and I also think my work is very different to others in the same genre. I know this sounds as if I cannot make up my mind, but in fact, I actually never compare my work with others to see whether it’s similar or different. I just write. I write what comes to mind. Sometimes it’s about things that really happened, like when we had dates with other people or with each other, and other times it’s fantasies that come to mind. Sometimes it’s a prompt that stimulates a fantasy and sometimes the inspiration comes from daily life.

3. Why do I write what I do?
My blog is a collection of different kinds of things:

  • Our D/s relationship
  • True (sex) stories
  • Erotic fiction
  • Photographs of me

I write about our D/s relationship because my blog is not only a place to share stories with others, but it’s also my journal. If by writing about our D/s I can help one person out there, I am happy, but the primary reason why I write about it is for myself – to ‘document’ my experiences. This is the same reason why I write about sex that happened in my past – to ‘document’ my experiences for myself.

I write erotic fiction because this is the genre that best fit me. I have written my first ‘novel’ when I was about 15. It’s entirely handwritten and I still have the book I wrote it in. Back then I even started editing the story! That story was the very first I ever wrote and already there was an erotic undertone to it. But back then I was living in a conservative community and thought it was wrong to write what I wanted to write. Therefore, my writing was dormant for about 20 years before I dared take it in the same direction again.

As for sharing photographs and the reason for it, well, I guess you will just have to read about that someplace else (https://rebelsnotes.com/photos/).

4. How does my writing process work?
I rarely work a story out in my mind. Mostly I have an overall idea of what the story will look like, but in 90% of the times the story takes a course of its own. I love it when this happens. This happens for all fictional stories, whether I write for a submission call, write to a prompt or to an idea I had.

I do 99% of my writing in Scrivener and the other 1% in Google Drive. I use Google Drive only when I write away from home, as Scrivener doesn’t have a mobile version. I like how I can see all the different things I am working on in the left bar of Scrivener and write in the right side. This way I can work on one piece without losing track of another I want to have done on time too.

But, I have another way of keeping track of my writing. I use Excel. I have a couple of columns in the file, namely Day, Date, Blog, Title, Linked and Remarks/Planning .
The column ‘Blog’ determines how many lines a Day/Date will have, as I keep track of four different blogs in this Excel file. The codes are RN for Rebel’s Notes, WW for Wicked Wednesday, 365 for my two 365 projects and EW for the blog of the Dutch writers group I run. When I am planning when to post something, I put it in the column ‘Remarks/Planning’. This way I can keep an eye on when a post needs to be written. I also have color codes in the file, but I won’t bore you with that. Beneath you can see part of my planning file, while this post was still in the making.

My writing planner
My writing planner
(click to enlarge)

When I write for anthology calls, I first just write the story and then the editing starts. I run the file through Word’s grammar and spelling control, but my main tool is Pro Writing Aid. I run it through it’s editor over and over again, until I am totally happy with the story and only then do I send it to an editor. My blog posts, however, are re-read a couple of times and then posted on my blog.

I am not going to mention specific names, as many people have done this blog tour already. If there’s anyone out there who want to participate in this blog tour, please feel free to see this as an open invitation.

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