Tribal Tattoo

After my disappointment of two weeks ago, when I had to leave the tattoo shop with three flowers tattooed on my back instead of the full tattoo I wanted, it was at last time to go back to have the tattoo completed.

This time I was not nervous at all. I wasn’t excited either. I was matter-of-fact about it that my tattoo had to be completed. I just wanted it done. I would have preferred that it was all done in one session, but because of excessive bleeding the first time, the tattoo artist could not continue. During that first session he asked me whether I had some alcohol the night before. I told him I did. I drank two Captain Morgan’s with Coke, but the amount of alcohol might have been about four spoonfuls worth, as I don’t like my drinks strong at all. The artist then said that it couldn’t have been the alcohol. However, I took note of that and this time I made sure that for at least three nights before the tattooing would be done, I didn’t drink one drop of alcohol. I was going to make very sure that alcohol won’t be the reason for any bleeding during the second sitting.

My appointment was for the end of the day. The tattoo artist was done with his previous client when we arrived. He quickly had something to eat, told me ‘two minutes’ (which always results into me waiting 10-15 minutes) and then started getting the chair and paint and other stuff ready to tattoo me. After another break – he wanted to have a quick smoke – I was at last called to the chair. The first 15-20 minutes in the chair was spent with the tattoo artist drawing the rest of the design on my back. It took me back to my childhood, when I used to love the game where someone would draw on my back and I had to guess what they were drawing. At the same time I thought how back then I already loved to ‘have things done to me’. I could not help but smile. My thoughts were interrupted when the artist told me I could look in the mirror to see if I like the design.

I did. The last time we talked about combining the flowers with a tribal tattoo, but this time he showed me a picture of what he had in mind. I call it ‘feminine tribal lines’. Nice and thin and curly and sweet. At first the plan was to add some smaller flowers (cherry blossom) to the tattoo, but that would have made the tattoo too busy, to cluttered. I liked these feminine lines a lot more.

And then it started again… the hurt. The intense, deep hurt as if a knife cut into my flesh. Again my mind wandered to kinky things. To knife play. To being whipped. To feeling pain. To bearing pain. To go through the pain. To find myself on the other side. The pain became more bearable as I started controlling my breathing and my mind wandered on. Before I knew he was done with the tribal lines. We had a short break and then for about 20 minutes he touched up the color of the bottom two flowers, which did indeed needed a bit more color after the excessive bleeding during the first sitting.

This time there was very little bleeding. Either the fact that I did not drink alcohol for three days before the second sitting, or the tattoo artist was right that the humid and hot weather of two weeks ago had a nasty influence on my body. I was hot and flushed that day, as I always am with hot and humid weather, so maybe that was it. Maybe it wasn’t the alcohol at all.

No matter what it was, I couldn’t wipe the smile on my face when I saw the final result.

This is everything I wanted, and more! Beautiful lilies and feminine tribal lines. I love it!


The left photo has been photographed with natural light, the right one with flash.
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