Split Second

When I saw challenge #24 of the 26 by 26 project I knew I wanted to use an image that shows movement. However, searching through our archives I just could not find an image that shows the movement like I had it in mind. Until we had a play date a couple of weeks ago, and two or three photos were just what I was looking for. The challenge was:

Capture the split second that the image is just right.
– Sue Flood


That split second when the dragon tail touched my ass and it was captured on an image (click to enlarge)
That split second when the dragon tail touched my ass and it was captured on an image
(click to enlarge)

© Rebel’s Notes

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Sinful Sunday

This image was chosen for Molly’s Blast of the Past in week 296 of the Sinful Sunday roundup. This is what Molly said:

This is a great action shot that captures the exact moment the dragon tail whip makes contact with Rebel’s beautiful bottom. I look at this image and my mind can’t help but fill in the noise of the whip and I have to wonder if she too made a noise when it landed on her skin.

Yes, I definitely made a noise…

45 thoughts on “Split Second

  1. That is amazing, it is always hard to capture shots like this when being flogged, canned, or hit with a dragons tail. Lovely bum too!

  2. The timing to capture this shot is impressive – and the point of contact looks great!

    (But I must admit, the very first thing I thought? “Shoes on the bed! Shoes on the bed!” That’d be my mum’s voice!)

    xx Dee

    1. I promise, I was only following orders. They made me get on the bed with my shoes. Very uncomfortable and grueling to ankles!

      Rebel xox

  3. This is a truly great shot. I love the way the the dragon tail shape is slightly blurred and almost looks like a big black tongue licking at your flesh


    1. And I can hardly wait to be on the receiving end of this kind of action again. Thanks luv!

      Rebel xox

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