Silence is golden (9/10)

BDSM logoScenario:
You are in a D/s relationship with your life partner with whom you live in one house and… you have kids. You do not want to tell the kids (yet) about the nature of your relationship. Maybe you never want to tell them. You want to keep your relationship low profile, but, you cannot go without being dominated or dominating for too long. Most of the things you like and want to do make a noise and you know that will evoke questions from the kids. You can go to a hotel without the kids, but this is something most people cannot do every month. So how do you solve it? How do you practice ‘silent BDSM’?

This is something I asked myself some time ago… and these posts were born.

Continued from… Silence is golden (8/10)

There are different kinds of tape that you can choose to use and quite interesting things you can do with it. In stead of rope, you can use bondage tape, which is just as effective and much quicker to use than tying ropes. But, think of duct tape or the tape you use to close moving boxes. Use that to tape the subs legs together and tape a fairy in place so it’s constantly vibrating on her clitoris. Or tape her upper to her lower legs and let her spread her legs, ready to be used any way her Dominant desires. You can also use the tape as a gag or use this tape in combination with clothing pegs or clamps. Be creative!

I love getting tasks. They keep me occupied, focus me on my body and my submission and I always want to execute them as well as possible. I have had several tasks over the last years, varying from tasks that lasted half an hour to tasks that stretched over the course of 10 days. Some of them had to do with masturbation and climaxes, others with masturbation and edging and yet again others where I had to play with a toy while recording it and send the video clip to a dominant friend. Some tasks I had:

  • write on myself;
  • edging task;
  • video task in the car, next to Master T;
  • fucking myself with 10 things in the house on ten consecutive days;
  • make a movie where I squirt;
  • wear a butt plug to work for one day (okay, this was a punishment).

Tasks do not have to be extremely creative or difficult. Many times just the idea of being focused on a task, is psychologically satisfying, as long as the Dominant shows interest in the progress of the task and doesn’t stop thinking about it as soon as he has tasked the sub.

Almost all of the things on this list can be used to task the sub. I have mentioned some tasks under the different headings, but think about these too:

  • tell her to take a couple of ice cubes, run it up and down her body so it melts and then pushing it inside her pussy before she masturbates;
  • tell her to drip hot wax on her nipples and bring you the creative evidence afterward;
  • task her with slapping her breasts with a plastic spatula for ten minutes (on each side);
  • have her ask to go to use the ladies room for a day/week/month;
  • have her expose her breasts for the evening, no covering up. (Of course you have to know for sure kids won’t walk in on you. Over here we can do it when the kids are upstairs, because we can hear them open their bedroom doors.)

All tasks can be reported by asking the sub for visual evidence, or a written report about how she experienced it. Or both.

Do you have any other ideas for tasks?

Tower of pain
Essentially this could have been put under the heading ‘clamps’ but since this is a special and intense implement, I wanted to give it its own space. The tower of pain is a nipple torture instrument. Two clamps are attached to the nipples and in the middle you have a rod that is supported between the sub’s breasts. Turn the knob on the rod to tighten the strings on the clamps and pull the nipples upward. The first time the tower of pain has been used on me, was also the first time I discovered I can climax when my nipples are hurt. A sub that’s into pain and needs it every now and then, will probably love this implement.

To be continued… Silence is golden (10/10)

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  1. You are very clinical about you write this! Exciting, because I think you people to realize how serious someone has to be to involve in REAL BDSM! I read everything of yours I can find! You are Fascinating! Thank You Again!

    1. It depends on what I am writing whether I am clinical or write with more emotion. These series were meant to help other people with ideas, just as I wanted it to be a place where I (and my Husband) can return to for ideas.
      Thanks for reading! 🙂

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