Silence is golden (8/10)

BDSM logoScenario:
You are in a D/s relationship with your life partner with whom you live in one house and… you have kids. You do not want to tell the kids (yet) about the nature of your relationship. Maybe you never want to tell them. You want to keep your relationship low profile, but, you cannot go without being dominated or dominating for too long. Most of the things you like and want to do make a noise and you know that will evoke questions from the kids. You can go to a hotel without the kids, but this is something most people cannot do every month. So how do you solve it? How do you practice ‘silent BDSM’?

This is something I asked myself some time ago… and these posts were born.

Continued from… Silence is golden (7/10)

Role play
We are not into role play, but that does not mean this should not be included in these posts. There are a ton of things you can come up with regarding role play, such as having your sub serve you as a French maid, approaching her as if you are a police officer or a school teacher, taking her prisoner or rescuing her as if she is a damsel in distress. Just be creative or, if you have no idea where to start, just search the Internet for ‘BDSM roleplay.

Rope & restraints
Oh, rope. Yes, rope. Mmmmm rope! I love rope. I love to feel it against my body, love to be restrained, even though sometimes I am very happy to be untied, especially when my muscles hurt some from being tied for a longer period. Rope can be used with almost all of the things mentioned on this list. Tie your sub down, legs spread and rub her clitoris until she comes. Over and over again. Or tie her hands behind her back and pinch her nipples. Or tie her over the bed, a pillow under her hips to raise her ass and fuck her, or finger her. Tie a rope harness around her body and let her wear it all day under her clothes while she’s out and about for shopping or family visits,or even just doing chores in the house.

Of course, instead of rope you can use other restraints, such as leather cuffs or even real handcuffs. Like with blindfolds and gags, rope/restraints can be used in combination with a lot of things on this list.

RVS Cane
Two months ago Master T bought a RVS cane. The first time He used it on me, I knew this thing was going to leave its mark on me. The RVS cane is 70cm long of which about 10cm is the handle. The steel rod is 5mm in diameter. Now I have a severe love-hate relationship with a cane and if you scroll back, you will see that the cane does not feature in this series. Why not? Because it’s too noisy. However, the RVS cane makes no noise at all. Can you imagine Master T’s smile when He discovered that?

Read on internet: “This stainless steel cane will leave its mark on any submissive. Its bite can be a little much for some to handle.”

Specific shopping
Quite recently someone I talk to on twitter mentioned a task she had. She had to buy a household implement with which she could be spanked. She knew how many strikes she would get with it. Okay, so far it sound easy, right? But, she had to buy something that cost no more than €11,68 and for every cent that it cost less than that, she would get one extra strike. Okay, now that makes it more interesting, right? I love the originality of this task. Another task I know that has been given to someone was to buy a dog bowl and she had no idea why. No, it was not to eat from. Giving your sub a specific shopping task can cause quite a mindfuck, in my opinion.

I have always been fascinated by speculums. I wondered how it would feel to have my pussy opened up by one, what sensations it would give. I thought I was weird and never spoke about it, up to the day Master T unpacked a box of new goodies that He had ordered. Out came a speculum. I started talking, telling Him about my fascination and I did not stop talking until I had told Him everything. That same night I experienced the speculum for the first time. And, it was intense. The orgasms I had were intense. We know a speculum might not be for everyone, but if you are fascinated by it, make sure to try one.

To be continued… Silence is golden (9/10)

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  1. Your Blog is always enlightening! The RVS Cane will become part of my collection of toys! Thank You Very Much! Your Whole article is Great!

    1. The RVS cane was one of the best purchases Master T did. Even though I know I will regret saying that! Thanks for reading 🙂

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