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At first I wanted to write a piece of erotic fiction for this week, but the last four questions of the prompt for this week’s Wicked Wednesday prompt kept me in their grip. I could not come up with any erotic fiction as the answers to the questions fought to be put to paper.

What does photography/photograph do for you as a writer?
Before I started in the blogging world I also made photos, but that’s all they were: just photos. Then I started blogging and I got involved in Sinful Sunday and the Scavenger Hunt and in 2014 I also started a 365 project. Two actually, but the other link is private. Ever since I got involved in photo memes, the way I look at things around me has changed. I see opportunities for photos all around me, and by seeing that, I see stories all around me. I can dream up an entire story in a matter of minutes, just looking at a scenery around me, seeing people stroll along or just being alone with my thoughts. It seems that indirectly my photography has influenced my writing.

Has taking photographs of yourself changed how you see yourself or others?
There was a time that I was ashamed of most of my photos. Many nude and kinky photos have been made of me ever since 2000. Actually, there were a set of nudes in a pool that had been made back in the early nineties, but that set of photographs were discovered by the people where I lived at the time and they destroyed it. I only started making nude photos again when I had my first digital camera and my own computer. But, I hated most of the photos. On some of them you could see the stretch marks from two pregnancies. On another you could see the scar from an operation. On others I saw the dimples of age on my legs. Or my bum. Or I just didn’t like my face on it. Only occasionally, when none of these disturbing elements were present in the photo, I really liked my photos.

That has changed quite some over the years. Not only have I come to love my photos, including all the imperfections, but I have started looking differently at them. I see the imperfections and I know they are mine. They are what make me the person that I am. That’s my history written on my body. Instead of focusing on the imperfections, I see the full setting of the photo. I feel confident to show myself off to the world.

Accepting my own photos have made me look differently at the photos of others too. It’s as if, when I concentrated on my own imperfections, I was also focused on the imperfections of others. Now that I have accepted myself just like I am, and allowed photos to show that to the world, I do not see imperfections of others. I see beautiful people, some curvy, some thin, some scarred, some with near-perfect bodies and I admire the way they show themselves to the world. I admire and appreciate the honesty in their images. Does this make sense?

Does having your photograph taken get you off, maybe you would even go as far to say it is a fetish or kink for you?
Whenever we have one of our ‘photo sessions’ it ends in sex. In the beginning of such a session I have difficulty to ‘get into’ it. I feel awkward, don’t know how I should stand or lie or sit. Once I forget about that and just ‘get into’ it, the juices start flowing. Yes, having a photo session where Master T is the one making the photos, get me wet. But it gets Him hard too and sex always follows the photo session.

I do the occasional self portrait, but mostly Master T is the one who handles the camera with me as the subject. I would say that to us it is a kink. We have an extensive archive of sexy and kinky photos. On my laptop alone I have about 10.000 photos but in our archives there are a lot more. We are always hunting for that one killer photo, the perfect one of an entire batch. And I am proud to say that we have made quite a lot already that I really love!

One thing I definitely want to do is to make more self portraits, but that’s a subject for another post.

Did a photograph inspire you to try something new sexually?
I have been looking at sexy, kinky and porn pictures ever since I owned my own computer. I would lie if I say that I have never tried something new sexually because I was inspired by a photograph.

There is one photograph that immediately sprang to mind when I saw this question.

A photo captured from tumblr (the tumblr doesn’t exist anymore)
(click to enlarge)

This photograph did not make us try something new, but when I showed it to Master T, it started off a conversation which confirm both our desires and resulted in our D/s commitment. I have forever been looking at photos of women in bondage, women in chains, women with clamps on their nipples or clamps on their labia, women in submissive positions, women with cuffs, women with collars. All those photos called up feelings of longing but I did not know how to put those feelings in words and I rarely showed Master T a photo. Until I found this one and impulsively sent it through to him.

And as they say, the rest is history…

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16 thoughts on “Killer Photo

  1. Like you, Marie, I see stories everywhere, even at the grocery store. I think photographs make great story fodder because you can stare at them as long as you like, and let the story weave itself onto the pages.

    Now, putting myself in the photographs, I do not share your bravery. While I don’t look at other peoples bodies with a critical eye, I can’t seem to do myself the same courtesy. Maybe some day!

  2. I can relate to some of the statements you wrote about, I hope that some day, one day that I can feel the way you do now about your photos.
    Our photo shoots end with sex. We both get turned on, excited.
    I enjoyed this week’s prompt.

  3. Her Hard Nipples encased by the bamboo sticks and secured by the ribbons on both sides of her nipples, around the bamboo are very exciting to a Hard Nippled BreastMan! Too bad the picture can’t be found on Tumblr or somewhere else! Great Blog! Thank You!

    1. Oh I guess the image might still be on my Tumblr. I’m sure I reblogged it back then, but cannot remember exactly when 😉

  4. This is a great post, I love that posted that final shot and explained how it was in fact the starting point in a massive shift in your relationship with Master T, that really does say a lot about the power of an image in my opinion.


    1. I haven’t thought about it like that, but indeed. Who knows how long it would’ve taken for us to make the shift had it not been for the photo 🙂

      Rebel xox

  5. Yes it is quite an arousing photo . . . but reading your words I’m now left wanting to see all those early photos of yourself. Perhaps we could start a new meme . . . “Ourselves Naked Through the Years”. Wouldn’t that be fun?
    Xxx – K

  6. I love how you shared the photo that set you off.
    Also, while I am still focusing on the imperfections I see in myself, I do not in others. I am like you in that I am awe inspired by their bravery and beauty in the revealing the human form.

    1. And your photos are absolutely gorgeous! But I know, we all focus on our own flaws a lot more…

  7. I’m sorry to hear that the people you lived with destroyed your photography set; it’s so wrong that the insecurities of others are forced to influence our behaviour.

    I love taking photographs, but being in front of the lens rather than behind has been a serious adjustment. There are very very few photographs of me between the ages of seven and thirty.

    1. That was back in another lifetime, in a very conservative country. I guess I was just born in the wrong place 😉

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