It’s a date (2/2)

Fucked by M
Fucked by The Traveler
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Continued from… It’s a date (1/2)

Soon I was sucking The Traveler again and then he told me to get onto the bed, on my knees. The Traveler entered me from behind. His hands rested in the small of my back as he fucked me hard. I was still blindfolded, but felt Master T get onto the bed in front of me. I knew what He wanted me to do. It took a moment for me to get my balance, but then I had my hand around His cock and took Him in my mouth. While The Traveler fucked me from behind, I sucked Master T. I felt my own orgasm building, and in my mouth I felt Master T growing harder. The Traveler fucked me harder, grunting loud. Master T told me to swallow at the same time as my pussy muscles contracted in orgasm and pushed The Traveler over the edge to climax too. In a span of maybe 2 seconds the three of us came together. I heard the two men high five above my head and the three of us knew that such a moment might never occur again in any of our lives.

The blindfold came of and we relaxed and talked some, but the date was not yet over. The Traveler told me to turn my pussy towards him. The glass dildo entered me again and The Traveler started fucking me with it. He left it inside me and told me to hold it there. Then he turned to tickling and slapping my feet. This caused me to giggle and pull away and the dildo slipped out. My feet were slapped a couple of times more. Hard slaps, but not too hard to handle. I have always been afraid of being hit under my feet, but the way The Traveler did it was okay. I did not like the tickling that much though, until I could switch my mind off and not feel it anymore. Then it actually stopped tickling. When the dildo slipped out, remarks were made on how bad I was for not keeping it inside, but I saw the smiles on the men’s faces.

My head was on the edge of the bed, but The Traveler walked around and pulled me closer until my head hung over the edge. He crouched down and pushed his cock in my mouth. I have always wanted to deep-throat a man like this, but this afternoon I found out that it wasn’t as ‘easy’ as I thought it was. My neck got tired, but I kept on going. I tried to take his cock in as deep as I could, tried to bob my head up and down to suck all of him. Because of the bobbing the muscles in my neck started burning, but I soon forgot that when The Traveler rubbed my clitoris while I sucked him, bringing me to another orgasm.

Sucking M
Sucking The Traveler
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The Traveler lay down on the bed and told me to straddle him, facing away from him. He entered me again and I rode his cock. His hands were on his upper legs, my hands on his. I remember watching Master T as He made photos of us. Smiling at Him, wanting to see that He was still enjoying the view. His smile and His eyes told me he was. I rode The Traveler in a slow but steady pace, feeling his cock rub against my inside walls and bringing me closer to orgasm. I climaxed, maybe only once, maybe more. I cannot remember clearly.

The Traveler pushed me over to lie on my back. He entered me quickly, pushing my legs up and fucking me just as hard as he did the first time. I remember thinking that he was using my body to get off, using me for his pleasure. And I knew that this was good, because it was what Master T wanted. He wanted me to be available for those He allows to fuck me. During this fucking I switched between having my eyes closed and looking at Master T. I might have looked at The Traveler a couple of times too, but most of my attention went out to Master T, seeking and finding approval in His eyes.

The afternoon was hot and sexy, much more than my words can do justice to. The Traveler has been a friend for years and I hope to have him as a friend for many years to come and not only so we can have many more of these encounters with him.

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