It’s a date (1/2)

M fucks me with my glass dildo
The Traveler fucks me with my glass dildo
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It took some time for us to set up a date with The Traveler again. Nine months to be precise, but once the three of us agreed “it’s a date‘, I took the afternoon off from work and drove to the hotel with Master T.

We arrived at the hotel just after 2pm. Master T and The Traveler had already had contact with each other and we knew in which room The Traveler was waiting. We took the lift to the second story, entered the hallway, turned right and ended up at the last room to the left. The Traveler opened the door when I knocked. Master T had already given me instructions of what I was to do when we entered the room, but I was so nervous that He had to ask before I remembered.
“Why are you still wearing your dress?”
I was wearing only a dress, stockings and my high heels. Moments later I was only wearing stockings and shoes.
“Take your collar off,” He said. I did and walked over to Him. He put a leather collar around my neck while I held my hair up and out of the way. The Traveler stepped forward and blindfolded me. By then I have remembered what I was supposed to do.

Master T lead me to the bed and I lay down on the towel that protected the bed from what was about to happen. He placed the glass dildo in my hand. I pulled my legs up, spread them and then started playing with the dildo. With the fingers of my left hand I kept my labia spread and with the other hand I ran the glass through my wetness. Soon it was slippery and wet. I pushed it inside me, angling the curved end to touch my G-spot. I knew what The Traveler wanted to see. I wasn’t told; I just knew. Soon I gave him just that: I squirted. No one told me to stop, which meant I carried on and had another squirting orgasm. A hand cupped my breasts. I knew it was The Traveler’s. His hands are bigger than that of Master T and if Master T had been the one touching my breast, He would have pinched my nipple hard.

I continued moving the dildo in and out of me. A hand pushed my hands away and from the way the dildo was moved inside me, I knew that it was The Traveler’s hand. I kept my labia spread while he fucked me with the dildo for some time until I had another orgasm. The sounds of a chain, or several chains, filled the air and the sound moved closer to me. The moment the nipple clamps were attached to my nipples, I knew that I would feel the clamps on my labia too. Once my labia were spread, The Traveler fucked me with the dildo again. I had another orgasm before I was told to put my legs in the air. I found it easier to wrap my arms around my legs and was glad I did when I felt the flogger touch my ass. It did not last long. Master T and The Traveler helped me to get up. I had to stand on the bed and hold onto the hig headboard. The Traveler got in the bed behind me and continued to flog me. When I saw the photos afterwards, I found this a damn sexy sight, both of us standing on the bed. Master T took over and my moans grew louder as he used the dragon tail whip on me.

Sucking M's balls
Sucking The Traveler’s balls
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The Traveler decided that he wanted to join in the fun too. I was still blindfolded, but he helped me off the bed and to my knees. He was naked, I soon discovered and when I felt his cock against my mouth, I knew exactly what I had to do. I sucked and licked and I hesitated for a moment when he told me to lick his balls. Just like Master T, The Traveler doesn’t have his balls shaved and if there is one thing I absolutely detest, it’s to get pubic hair in my mouth. But, I had been given an order and I had only one option: ignore my own feelings and do what I have been told to do. The Traveler eventually pulled away and Master T appeared in front of me. Just like the last time that I licked both of them right after each other, I once again noticed how different their cocks felt in my mouth, how different they tasted. Neither of the men climaxed…. yet.

To be continued… It’s a date (2/2)

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