When I saw the prompt for this month’s Sinful Sunday, I wished I had known about it just a bit sooner, or had waited just a bit longer to post the silhouette photo we made in a hotel back in June. That photo was also one of the spotlight photos for the sidebar of the July edition of elust. On Friday night we made some photos in the bedroom, in front of the window. They were not bad, but they were almost exactly the same as the other one. I wanted something different.

Then I had an idea. Two ideas actually, but we didn’t even have to try the second idea, as the first one worked out perfectly. We waited until the kids went to bed, opened the front door, checked whether it was quiet on the street and then switched off all lights inside. Only one light remained – the one right in front of our front door.

20140803-013wm silhouette
The light outside

In my opinion this light was perfect for silhouette photos.

I am very happy with how these photos came out.
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Fun fact: This is the first ever Sinful Sunday photos we made where I was fully dressed!

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20 thoughts on “Backlight

  1. These are so sexy! I love the story you tell as well. Waiting for the kids to fall asleep and turning off all the lights, it adds a very exciting element to the photos.

    1. It sure does. And since our kids are not small anymore, the chances of them coming downstairs unexpectedly made it quite exciting. And daring 🙂

  2. Gorgeous silhouettes Rebel! Like Molly, my favorites are 2 & 4–they’re so sensual and your poses are fantastic!

  3. Beautiful silhouettes. For some reason I keep imagining these taken in pouring pain (I can see it wasn’t) but I guess that is the feeling these images give me.; especially the one with your head thrown back, care free. I love them all.

    1. Thank you luv. You did give me an idea though. I might just re-do some of these, or make some different ones when indeed it’s raining outside. Those might make for interesting photos with the light out there 🙂

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