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I was approached by Brian Whitney (a writer) who wrote me on behalf of BearManor Media to see whether I would be willing to do a review on a new literary erotica magazine. He said that this magazine is a new erotica publication featuring exciting short fiction, breathtaking artwork and informative articled from the world of adult entertainment. I was intrigued and agreed to do a review, but only if I receive the magazine, because I wanted to have a ‘feel’ for it.
(That sounds a bit dirty, I know.)

The Act Itself - front cover
The Act Itself – front cover
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The magazine:
I was pleasantly surprised when I received the magazine. The glossy cover is colorful with a kind of writing on it hat’s easy on the eye, yet artistic too. The back cover has the same description on it as in my introduction above, as well as the following:

Your hostess is known simply as ‘The Mrs.’ And she works tirelessly to present the very best – all smiles, sighs and the occasional titter.

We will be publishing three times a year – toward the ends of April, August and December, promising 150 pages of goodness in each issue. The Act Itself will be available via subscription, through order via our publisher, BearManor Media, Amazon, and elsewhere (we’ll keep you posted!)

I first opened the magazine on the back and saw that the pages were numbered up to 150, where page number 1 contains the index. The index has the following headings:
– Departments
– Fiction & Poetry
– Essays
– Pictorials
On the flip side of the index is another introductions, similar as that on the back cover, but also with the mention that The Act Itself is currently open to submission of short fiction, art and advertising.

As I fanned through the pages, the first thing I noticed was that there was no color in the book. Everything was black and grey and white. And you know what? This was quite refreshing! All photos – whether with an old or new look – everything was in shades of grey.

The magazine contains 15 stories/poems/essays by a total of 11 authors and 6 pictorials. There are some personal information about some of the authors and artists. Some stories are complete, others are excerpts and some of them will be continued in a next issue. I will not be discussing the stories (I have not yet read them all) because that is not what this review is about. What I also like in the stories is the black blocks with teaser texts from the stories, which can be used to find a story to read that fits your mood of th moment.

There are some adverts in The Act Itself but they are kept to the bare minimum. A subscription page, advertising rates and submissions guidelines are included in this issue too and I guess they will be in every issue.

My opinion:
This is the premier issue of The Act Itself and I am seriously impressed by it. The fact that they chose not to use color inside gives it an authentic feel. Allowing poems, short erotic stories, erotic essays as well as images to be submitted makes this a publication that will draw many different kinds of people to it and won’t be concentrating on only one group.

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Additional information:
Want to submit to The Act Itself? Please check their submission guidelines.
Want to advertise in The Act Itself? Check their rates and terms and conditions.
You can also follow them on Facebook.
If you are interested in subscribing to The Act Itself, you can contact them.

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  1. The Act Itself sounds like a very good Magazine starting out! Your review is great for the new publication! I would like to subscribe!

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