Sleeping Around

Challenge 22 of the 26 by 26 project was simple:

Photograph someone sleeping.
– Anastasia Taylor-Lind

I love this photo captured by Master T where I am sleeping in a hotel bed and not in my own.

Sleeping in a hotel bed
Sleeping in a hotel bed
(click to enlarge)

© Rebel’s Notes

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Sinful Sunday
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36 thoughts on “Sleeping Around

  1. I’ve seen so many photos of you. Quite honestly, this is the most beautiful and sensual one! (This is not a comment downgrading your other photos, this one is just exceptional!)

  2. First, I love the new look of your website! Second, I love this photo. The gorgeous curve of your bottom and the s curve of your spine are so incredibly sexy highlighted by the light.

  3. Beautiful shot Rebel! The soft light from the lamp highlights your figure beautifully! Also I am liking the new site design! 🙂

    1. We try to go frequently, but we cannot go as much as we want to, as it is just too expensive.
      Rebel xox

  4. Such a beautiful shot of you and that looks like a very lovely hotel bed with a metal frame…. they are so handy I find


  5. This is such a beautiful shot, he has captured you so well here you look so peaceful.

    ~Mia~ xx

    ps – as I mentioned on your about page yesterday – absolutely love the new look of the site!

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