Seventh update: 101 things in 1001 days

Blogging and writing

  • I made it through to round 5 of the Smut Marathon 2014. Actually I made it through to round 6, but the post for round 5 still needs to appear on my blog.
  • In May 2014 I won the readers prize in Exhibit A’s Sinful Sunday competition.
  • I read two more books and added reviews – The Young Wife by Ida T. Heurtze and 50 Shades of Kink by Tristan Taormino. There are some more books I will read and review soon, under which one audio book.
  • A couple of posts have been added, writing on different creative prompts that have also been shard on Wicked Wednesday.
  • I started a serious of sex information post under the title ‘Silence is Golden’. This series deals with ‘silent BDSM’.
  • I have read another banned book – or rather, listened to it on audio and am now reading the third and last one to complete this goal.

Photo / Blogging

  • I added three more post to the Toy with me Tuesday meme, which means I have to add 5 more to reach this goal.
  • Two more goals have been completed for the 26 by 26 challenge. Some more will be posted soon, so I can round off this goal before the next series of challenges start.
  • I started on goal number 30, where I will be taking sexy pictures starting with each letter of the alphabet. I have decided to try and combine sexiness with food and drink. Three photos have already been posted. More will be posted soon.
  • I’m still going strong on my 365 project and it will even soon be moved to be self hosted instead of a free wordpress site.


  • We’ve had two more playdates, but I still need to write the posts about those. Keep an eye on my blog, those posts will appear there eventually.
  • Another date has been made for about two months from now and I have a feeling I will be making progress on goals 38 and 43 then, which means that both these goals and goal 40 will be completed.

Sexy socializing
101-1001aMy Dutch writing group is still going strong. We have themes for the days we meet. People write stories that fit the theme and we discuss it, give advice, correct it and just have fun. In the meantime the Dutch Smut Marathon is going very well. We started out with 15 writers and are down to 7 in the fifth round. Everyone still seems to be having fun.

Reading through my list of 101 goals in 1001 days, I can already see that I am not going to reach all my goals. Some I have already failed and more will be added to it. I might do another list after this one. Some of the goals will continue and others will be replaced with more realistic ones.

I wonder how others are getting on with their goals list!

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