Orange Fever

I never watch football. Soccer. No, that’s a lie. I barely watch football. I do not watch the regular competitions. But when the Netherlands play in the European Cup or the World Cup competitions, I watch. I follow all matches. I don’t watch all of them, but I do check the results to see who are still in the running for the cup and who had to go home. During these competitions I am part of the orange fever that takes hold of the country. We don’t have orange flags in our garden, but I smile when I see how other people decorate their houses.

After a grueling quarter finals match against Costa Rica, I at least don’t have to add that we are out of the race for the World Cup… so hear goes my Sinful Sunday competition entry!

Why orange? Well, officially our royals are called ‘Van Oranje-Nassau’ which directly translated is “Orange-Nassau” and I guess that already explains the color orange. You can read more about this tradition if you want to.

Dutch supporters dressed in orange


It was a quite natural step for me to use orange for the Sinful Sunday competition with the theme:

FIFA World Cup 2014

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 Of course, standing naked in front of a hotel window, sporting some orange paraphernalia is probably not what other Dutch football fans do. But then again, the idea was ‘to corrupt something of this insane sporting event’.

Maybe, just maybe and IF the Dutch team reach the finals, I will use some of these things again!

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The photos I have entered for this competition has won me the fifth prize.