Masturbation fodder

I share my words. I share my photos. My words are read and my photos are looked at. I get comments on both my words and my photos and I love it. But, the prompt for Wicked Wednesday – a suggestion of @tigger_sub – had some other questions.

Do you care what the viewer or reader does with them?
I care in so far as that I hope they enjoy the photos and will come back for more.

Does it turn you on to know that you stimulate?
I must be very honest that I do not ever stop to think about my photos turning others on. Some people have told me about how they were turned on by my photos and how it made them horny and they felt like they had to masturbate. I have double feelings about that. I feel much more comfortable to hear about someone masturbating over my photos when it is someone I know. With that I do not mean that I always know the person in question personally, but also that I might have had a couple of chats with the person on Twitter. It makes me smile to know I have excited them. However, if a total stranger would tell me how he masturbated over my photos, it makes me feel uncomfortable. I do not feel uncomfortable because my photo has excited a stranger, but because I do not know how to react.

With my erotic words it’s totally different. I do not mind at all that people are turned by that and it doesn’t matter to me whether it’s familiar or unfamiliar people who tell me my stories have excited them.

Do they ask you for permission bringing you into their pleasure?
No one has ever asked me to permission and I do not feel they have to, since I share my words and photos publicly. If I want to prevent anyone from using my creations for their intimate pleasure, I should not post my words and pictures anymore. To me, it’s as simple as that.

Does it humiliate you to be reduced to their masturbation fodder, you a merely specimen of the species?
No, it does not humiliate me. Like I said above, if someone tells me that they have used my words or photos for their masturbatory pleasure, in some circumstances it make me smile and in others it make me feel uncomfortable. But never humiliated.

Masturbating in front of the computer
(image borrowed from

Conversely, that picture, the light, the angles, something’s clicks. The words, the ideas, the movement of the story. Your body reacts. You save it for later. You know why. A private movement and moment. Do you value it less for it’s immediate function? Is it art or literature when you masturbate over it? Are they human or porn in that moment of pleasure? Do you read the words or stare intently at the picture, or use it just to get you going? Do you return to favourite pieces?
I would lie if I say that words and pictures have never excited me. But, something I have never done is to use a story or a photo to masturbate to. Maybe a story or a photo would indeed have evoked horny feelings within me, but I cannot recall one moment where I have actually reacted to it. Mostly it happens the other way around – I feel horny and then I start searching for images (mostly porn videos) to watch. But I have never held a photo or stared at words and masturbated over it. When I masturbate, my eyes are closed and I form fantasies in my own mind, and mostly those have nothing to do with the image I’ve seen or the words I have read.

Words excite me more than images. Images of women excite me more than images of men. In fact, images of naked men do not excite me at all. I prefer to see a naked or half-naked woman. But then again, I can appreciate a beautiful, sensual photo, but words, to me, are much more powerful than a 100 images.

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