Dream vacation

Charlotte opened her eyes. A bright blue sky and glorious sunshine greeted her. Normally this would make her happy, but for now she was confused. Was she dreaming? Why was there a bright blue sky above her? She became aware of her nakedness and at the same time she felt the soft beach sand below her. What the…? Charlotte sat up and gasped when she saw the scene around her. To her left she saw crates and crates with ‘WINE’ stamped on it. In front of her the waves gently touched the shore before they retreated back to sea again. To her right ten men sat staring at her. Ten very handsome men!

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Then it dawned her. The wishes! She had passed a fountain and saw coins in the water. In a silly moment she threw in a penny and made her wishes.: to be naked on a deserted island, ten handsome men and an infinite amount of wine. She giggled when she first looked at the wine again and then at the men, who still sat still and stared at her. And then it dawned on her. Her wish was to be naked. Charlotte did not look down. She willed herself to keep her eyes fixed on the water in front of her as her cheeks turned bright red. Yes, she was naked. Oh my god, she was naked. She was on a deserted island. Ten handsome men sat staring at her while she was stark naked. A rush of adrenaline had her sprinting towards the crates.

“Let’s drink,” she yelled and grabbed a bottle of wine. Thankfully whoever granted her this wish was kind enough to give her bottles of wine with screw caps. She turned around and handed out bottles of wine to the ten men who now all stood behind her. At least they understood her, she thought as she took a sip from her own bottle of wine and walked away from the men. She had no idea how to act being the only naked one and she needed time to think. How in the world was she going to get out of this predicament? What did she have to do to return to where she came from.

Absentmindedly she sipped her wine while sitting on the beach, looking out over the water. That’s all there was – water. Maybe she could make another wish? Maybe she should go looking for a fountain on the island? Or maybe she should throw money into the sea? A giggle escaped her as she realized she had nothing at all with her. Definitely no money. Only ten men and lots of wine. Somehow her situation did not seem as bad anymore. She wanted to take another sip of the wine but realized the bottle was empty. Charlotte giggled again. They wine was helping her forget.

But the wine had another effect on her too. She lay back on the sand and slowly ran her hands over the curve of her breasts, down her body and towards her crotch. Back up again. She cupped her breasts and rolled her nipples between her fingers. Pushed her breast together and let go. Ran her hands down her stomach and trapped them between her legs, cupping her sex.

“I’m horny,” she yelled. As if that was a command, ten men appeared around her. They made no sound at all. She closed her eyes as hands started touching her everywhere. Her face, her arms, her breasts, her nipples, her stomach, her legs, her pussy. Everywhere. It felt like a hundred hands instead of 20. She spread her legs some, inviting one – or all – of the men to touch her. They did not wait. Fingers slipped into both her holes and someone rubbed her clitoris. With her eyes still shut she opened her mouth and immediately it was filled with a hard cock. She sucked and licked while moaning from the sensations between her legs.

Charlotte stretched her hands out to the side and they were each filled with a cock. She stroked the velvety skin and ran her thumb over the tip, spreading the drops forming there over the heads. Her hands and three holes were filled. Charlotte could hardly believe her luck, to live this fantasy of hers. Her orgasm was building rapidly, but she held off, wanting the other orgasms to build too. She wanted to feel the cum spurting into her mouth and those of the two cocks in her hands, covering her body. She licked and sucked and stroked and her orgasm built. She moaned loud, writhing with pleasure.

“Yes, come on. Yes, Charlotte, come on now,” a familiar voice spurred her on. It took a couple of seconds for her brain to react to this. Someone was talking, the voice wanted her to come. She moaned louder.
“Charlotte, come on!”
The voice sounded urgent. On the brink of her orgasm she opened her eyes and looked into the face of her father.
“There you are,” he said, “I had a helluva time waking you. I think you had a nightmare, you were moaning so loud. You might want to get out of the sun now and get something to drink. Don’t want you to get heatstroke on the first day of our vacation!”

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This post was written for the discontinued meme A Darker Flame, with the prompt: Stuck on an island

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