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chatThe first time I used Internet was in 1995. I mainly used it for email and since I shared the computer with others, I could not explore more. By 1998 I was into a relationship and I had my own computer. Gradually I discovered online chat rooms, MSN Messenger and ICQ chat. I discovered how exciting it was to talk to people on the other side, getting to ‘know’ them. In the online chat room I had my first taste of cyber sex. Being in a relationship where I was sexually unsatisfied, these sexy chats I had added another dimension to my life and made me feel happier, however sad that sounds now.

I moved some of my contacts from the online chat room to MSN Messenger, where we could talk one on one. Okay, I almost never spoke to only one person at a time. Many times I was chatting to 4 or 5 people at the same time, switching between screens and of course one not knowing about the others.

Back then I worked only in the mornings and in the afternoons I was home alone. I got addicted to chatting to an young Australian man. I think he was about ten years younger than me. He was a student and a surfer and with him I experienced a lot of cyber chats – not only the chat screen, but on the webcam too. He loved watching me, telling me what he wanted to see and I gladly showed it to him. Where my partner could not satisfy me, he could, even though I had to do everything myself. Our chats lasted for about 2 months and then he disappeared. Afternoon after afternoon I logged in and waited for him, but he never came online again. After waiting for several days, I had an idea and what I found was not nice. On the same day he did not appear online, a young man of his age was killed in a shark attack. Age fitted, student fitted, surfer fitted. I never knew his real name, but since he never came online again, I accepted, with sadness, that he was the student who got killed.

Another story from that same period of my life, was my hotel experience with someone I have met on the online chat room. This is a story I still want to tell on this blog, but in short… I was far away from home and even though I was in a relationship, I met this guy at a hotel and spent the night with him. But, like I said, I want to tell this story another time.

msnI eventually left the online chat room and concentrated only on MSN Messenger. People, or rather, men who commented on my photos on Redclouds were sometimes transferred to my MSN Messenger. I frequently chatted to several of them at once. Even though Redclouds was an US based website, I met Dutch people on there too. And chatting with them on MSN made me feel more comfortable with them and soon I moved over to making appointments. Most of those appointments happened during the day.

There was this one guy with whom I had the hottest lunch dates. I only worked a couple of days a week, but he worked every day. He was always at his work when we chatted and our meetings always happened during his lunch hour. Hot meetings! With another man I went to the sauna twice. On one of those meetings we had quite a hot encounter in a steam cabin. I lost track of both these men and where I could remember both their first names, there surnames have slipped my mind. Until very recently when one of them were retweeted into my timeline. There he was, on his avatar. I followed him and spoke to him but made no reference at all at ‘our history’. I do not see the necessity of freaking him out, but since he has an interesting account, I wanted to follow him. He’s not (yet) following me back and except for typing two lines to each other on the day I followed him, we haven’t spoken again and probably won’t.

Two other Dutch men I have met lived very close to me. One of them has even contacted me after Master T and I were married, but when I replied to his email, I never received a reply again. I tried once more, but then stopped. The other man was a taxi driver and I had a couple of sexy encounters with him. No matter how good my memory is, I just cannot remember his name.

I had one scary meeting with a fireman. He picked me up from home and we drove out to the beach. There he grabbed my hand and held onto it while we walked along the beach, constantly telling me how happy he was with me and how he treasured our relationship (which we didn’t have – it was only a first meeting). And then he took me to his house, even though I wanted to go home and only when I begged him to take me home and started crying, he came to his senses and brought me back home. From then on I always went to meetings with my own car so I could leave when I wanted.

icqEven though I have lost contact with all of those whom I have chatted to in the past, there is one that has stayed and has been in my life for 12 years now. I’ve lost track of time, but where M and I had two sexy encounters – one of which I have written about here – way back in the beginning of my relationship with Master T and with Master T’s knowledge, we still see each other. We’ve had some dates with him, one during our summer holiday last year, and another a couple of weeks ago. I still have to write about this last one, including some photos, so watch this blog! I think M will be in our lives for a long time still. Oh, and back in the beginning days of our relationship, Master T and I used ICQ to chat.

I don’t chat anymore. Or rather, not the same I used too. I don’t use MSN anymore – I think I heard it doesn’t exist anymore? I have Skype, but always forget to start it when I am online. But, I guess I use Twitter as a huge online chat room, because I just love connecting with people there and interacting with them. I have met lovely people during my ‘chat career’ and am still meeting lovely people. I had little bad experiences and I intend to keep it that way!

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  1. Somehow these Wicked Wednesday prompts have a way of triggering those hidden memories 😉

    Rebel xox

  2. Chatting is a nice way to get to know each other. I think you should always meet in a public place the first time and let other people know you are meeting someone. Especially if you are planning to go to someones home.

    x dedi

  3. I could never limit myself to just one person to chat to either!

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