Wildly Loved

The 20th challenge of the 26 by 26 challenge was:

If for some reason you were told you would not be around when your children were adults, what image would you create for them?
– Elinor Carucci

 It has take me years – far too many years – to realize that I should be who I am and not pretend to be the person someone else expected of me to be. I have done this in so many relationships and all of those have turned out to be failures. I’ve been myself since the first day I met Master T, and I’ve never been happier. When I saw this T-shirt, it was like the text on it was written just for me:


Shirt with motto
(click to enlarge)

I’d rather be
& hated for that
for who I’m not

This is the message I want to give my children, as well as everybody else:

Just be yourself & be proud of who you are!

© Rebel’s Notes

11 thoughts on “Wildly Loved

  1. It is hard figuring out whom and what we are when we have so many people willing to just tell us and are usually wrong…


  2. it took many years, it took so many tears …
    and you are so right, your message is clear, your message is gold!
    i hope to remember your words every day, for the rest of my life!
    thank you so much for sharing! xxx

    1. You’re welcome. Just be yourself. Those who don’t accept you the way you are, for who you are, they are not worth shedding tears about!

      HUGS! xox

  3. You are loved for who you are. Being true to you is so important as anything else is a screen which not only hides you but is also a barrier to being loved.

    1. You are so right and it would be nice if more people realize that they can be happy by just being themselves. Essentially it means to first accept yourself as you are.

  4. So true. It’s a dangerous game trying to conform to the expectations of others. All it does it create a life you don’t want to live and expectations that are virtually impossible to meet. Great t-shirt – and even greater message. Let’s have the courage to be who we are and be happy! Jane xxx

  5. So many people put on a false air, either to try to please others, or create an illusion of the person they wish others to see(or themselves to be).
    It takes courage to be ourselves, so kudos to you for being just that, yourself

    Flip xxx

    1. It takes courage indeed, because all of us wants to be liked by others and therefore some of us pretend, even though we don’t realize we are pretending. I am happy that I have realized to just be myself. It’s so freeing 🙂

      Rebel xox

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