Orgasm control (9): Friday: The release

control-250x200Continued from: Orgasm control (8): Friday: Numbers 39 – 45

He looked at me with a smile.
“Sleep well, love,” He said, but the lights in His eyes told me He was teasing me. He rolled towards me and started pinching my nipples. Hard. It was too much. It hurt too much, I was not ready for that yet. I tried to just go with it, but had to pull away and my moans were not ones of pleasure, but more of frustration. Master T told me straddle Him, facing Him. While I sat on Him he grabbed my breasts again and kneaded them, pinched my nipples again. I was not in a good place. My head was not in a good place. Somehow I knew I would soon be allowed to climax, but I wanted to do that lying down and not with too much pain.

I pulled away from Master T and then told Him that I was not happy with being on top of Him, that what He was doing did not feel well, that I would really like to lie down. Now I know He could have totally refused it and maybe that would have gotten me into another head space, but He told me to lie down on my back. He started fingering me and just as I was about to ask for permission to climax, He stopped. This was more like what I expected would happen and I felt the negative feelings ebbing away, but not completely. It was only when moments later Master T turned down the volume of the cooking program that my negative feelings were gone and I could finally enjoy myself, and the release I knew I would soon be allowed to have.

Master T kept on teasing me by bringing me to the edge and not giving me a chance to ask for permission.
“I thought you want to cum,” He teased.
And then He allowed me. A wet patch formed under me as my first orgasm gushed out of me. More followed, all of them because Master T fingered me and then rubbed my clitoris. He pushed my hand towards my crotch and told me to do it myself. I did, using my fingers and I think I climaxed a couple of times. I sort of lost he chronology of everything at that stage. At the same time I thought of using the clitoral vibrator, Master T told me to use it.

I know that somewhere during all I needed to have my ass filled. Really filled. The huge butt plug – 4cm in diameter at it’s widest point – were slowly pushed into my ass. I was still using the vibrator but then preferred to use my hands. I found it interesting that during the edging sessions I definitely preferred the vibrator, but now that I was allowed to have orgasms, I preferred my fingers. A huge orgasm washed through me and left me panting, but relaxed. Fulfilled. Sated.

I was allowed to remove the plug and ordered to straddle Master T. His cock slipped into my sensitive hole and He fucked me until He spurted His cum deep into me.

I fell asleep with a smile and a feeling of pride that I have completed the task that Master T had set me. And where I looked forward to a period of rest, I already wondered when I would have another orgasm control task.

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4 thoughts on “Orgasm control (9): Friday: The release

  1. The unfolding story the build up to today

    I think those of us that have read this series have experienced through your words the entire anticipation to today!

    I admire you as I could not so this I would get resentful. Abstinence I can do edging doesn’t work for me. Very well done and brilliantly written about!

    ~Mia~ xx

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