Orgasm control (8): Friday: Numbers 39 – 45

control-250x200Continued from: Orgasm control (7): Thursday: Numbers 32 – 38

Today was a day off from work for me. I woke up close to 9am after not sleeping too well, but I remembered what I told Master T the night before – that I would edge for the first time when I wake up. I am not a morning sex person, but then I am horny, I like it. I have been horny ever since the edging task started and being naked in bed and with two vibrating toys on my bedside table, I knew exactly what I was going to do before I got up.

I reached out for the Nomi Tang clitoral vibrator, slipped it under the covers and pushed it against my folds, with the tip resting on my clitoris. The covers fell back onto my body and while slowly rocking my hips I felt the vibrations filling my loins. As horny as I was it did not take long before I had to stop. I was not going to blow this task on the last day.

The second time I used the mini fairy. I watched as the head touched my clitoris, and this in itself is a dangerous act. I had to turn my head away, as watching myself makes me climax a lot earlier. I stopped in time and with trembling legs. The third session was done after my shower. I sat in front of the mirror to blow dry my hair. The clitoral vibrator was trapped under me, vibrating. I was horny. Really horny. I wanted to feel pain. While ‘riding’ the vibrator I put clothing pegs on my nipples and then watched myself in the mirror until I almost climaxed.

We went out for the afternoon and as soon as we came back, I went upstairs, sat on the side of the bed and trapped the clitoral vibrator under me again. I leaned forward and let it rub and vibrate against my clitoris. My buttocks lifted off the bed. I fantasized about Master T being behind me and pushing a vibrator into my ass, while I brought myself to orgasm. It seemed as if the fact that I knew I would be allowed to climax at night was controlling my fantasies. The fifth and sixth time I edged the same way as the fourth.

The seventh time I edged we followed the same routine as the nights before. I used the clitoral vibrator while Master T was next to me. This time however, He pinched my nipples and that just caused me to reach my almost-climax a bit quicker. Once I switched the clitoral toy off, I turned my head to look at Him. After edging 45 times in a week, I was ready for my release. I was still enjoying the edging, but I also noticed that I was on edge, really in need of an orgasm. I wanted this edging task and I think I did well with it, but I am happy that it lasted only for a week and  not for a month!

To be continued… Orgasm control (9): Friday: The release

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