Orgasm control (7): Thursday: Numbers 32 – 38

control-250x200Continued from: Orgasm control (6): Wednesday: Numbers 25 – 31

I only had two edging moments at my work, as I was off from work in the afternoon. Both those edging moments were had in the ladies room, the only place it is even remotely possible when I am at my work. Once I was home, I had to deal with the fact that the kids were quite actively walking up and down the stairs. Still, I took my chance and slipped my clitoral vibrator under me while I spread my legs wide and slowly ‘rode’ the vibrator. I could get addicted to those sensations, to feeling them vibrating through my flesh and getting all my sensitive nerve endings to stand to attention. The fourth time edging was done with the same vibrator, enjoying the same lovely sensations.

Our evening was totally different from other evenings, as we went out early in the evening and only returned close to 11pm. I immediately went upstairs and grabbed the small fairy vibrator, which I put against my clit without taking my tights off. I was horny because I had some glasses of wine, but I managed to keep my orgasm from happening. When the fairy did not do exactly what I wanted, I slipped the Nomi Tang clitoral vibrator into my tights, against my folds and waited for my orgasm to happen. But of course I stopped it before it was a fact. Afterward I felt like rubbing my pussy against the table, or Master T’s leg or any place that would give me some friction and some release.

I went upstairs one more time before bedtime and then the last time edging was done in bed again, with Master T next to me. I now knew He would not touch me, but I still hoped. I first used the clitoral vibrator, but for the first time it did not do what I wanted it to do, so I reached for the mini fairy vibrator. I pushed it against my clit and just enjoyed the sensations. My body screamed for release. I felt my nipples tighten in their hardness, my ass wanting to be filled and my entire body screaming for release.

“Don’t forget to stop in time,” Master T said and actually HIs voice brought me back to the here and now. I stopped, and not a moment to soon. Like the nights before He pushed His finger inside me to feel how wet I am and this time He even pinched my left nipple. In His arms shortly after, I looked up at Him and smiled.
“I guess I should not ask if you want to touch me?”
I decided not to push it.

To be continued… Orgasm control (8): Friday: Numbers 39 – 45

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    1. I was enjoying some of the edging sessions, but not all of them. And the closer I got to the day that I knew I would be allowed to climax, the quicker I wanted the edging sessions to be done.

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