Heart of Darkness

During our last hotel stay on 21 June 2014, we had a lovely view of part of Rotterdam harbour. During the afternoon, evening and late at night, we made photos of the harbour, enjoying the scenery.

Afternoon view
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Evening view(click to enlarge)
Evening view
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Since it was the longest day of the year and the day was filled with glorious sunshine, we had to wait quite some time before we could make the photo for challenge 21 of the 26 by 26 project. Once it was fully dark outside, except for all the lights in the harbour, we switched off all lights in the room and I got onto the window sill. From the heart of the darkness inside the room, Master T snapped the photo for the 21st challenge while I looked out over the harbour.

The challenge was:

Photograph only in the dark
– Julia Fullerton-Batten


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  1. Gorgeous photos. I love the way the lights from the harbor just barely illuminate the curves of your back. There is something very sweet and wistful about this image.

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