Flying home


“Thank you for flying with ABC Airlines.”
“Have a nice holiday.”
“Good by Sir, enjoy the conference.”

Lauryn greeted almost all the passengers as they disembarked the plane. She said nothing to those that did not look at her. Her mind was pre-occupied. She didn’t want this trip to end. The last 10 days in South Africa had been wonderful, but now she was back on home soil after an overnight flight and she had to go home. Home was where the problems of her shaky relationship waited. She had to face Paul. They had to talk. They had to decide whether they still wanted to be together.

The last passenger left the plane. Her colleagues were already gathering their belongings to follow the passengers. Lauryn was in no particular rush. It would take about an hour before the cleaning crew showed up.
“Are you coming,” Vivian asked.
“You go ahead, I will be right behind you. I need to get some of my stuff from business class,” she lied. Lauryn instantly turned around and walked away from her friend. She didn’t like lying to her.
“Are you okay, Lauryn?” Vivian called out to her. Lauryn forced herself to turn around with a smile and assure Vivian that she was perfectly okay. Vivian smiled back, turned around and followed the rest of their colleagues off the plane.

In business class Lauryn sat down in one of the luxurious seats. She was surprised to see a small bottle of champagne and a glass on the chair next to her. Impulsively she picked up both. She hesitated for a moment, then shrugged her shoulders and unscrewed the bottle of champagne. She downed the first glass of champagne, poured a second glass and took two big gulps of it. Lauryn sighed, closed her eyes and leaned back in the seat. She wanted to forget about the world out there; about her relationship problems. Her mind wandered to her time in South Africa, where she had spent a lot of time on the beach, enjoy the warm summer sun and the company of her colleagues. Her colleagues. Ben, the co-pilot. She liked him. Really liked him. He made her feel alive and sexy. Ben gave her the attention she needed; the attention Paul had stopped given her months ago.

Lauryn only realized that her hand was on her crotch when she felt the wetness that seeped through her pantyhose. She was not wearing any panties. Rubbing herself through the pantyhose was a nice sensation. She opened her eyes, gulped down the last of the champagne. The champagne glowed inside her and heightened her excitement. Lauryn closed her eyes again and concentrated on the movements of her hand. She pinched her labia together and and rubbed them; found her clit through the pantyhose and tried to pinch that too. Since she could not reach it like she wanted to, pulled her skirt up around her waist and slipped her hand inside her pantyhouse. Her fingers probed her wetness, spread it, rubbed it over her clitoris and back down to her opening again. She moaned softly and grunted as she orgasmed.

“Looks like you needed that.”
Ben was on the seat in front of her. On his knees and watching her. Lauryn scrambled to sit up, pull down her skirt and hide the champagne bottle and glass, all at the same time. She blushed bright red and waited for Ben to reprimand her.
“No need to stop, it’s a treat watching you,” the co-pilot said.
Lauryn still did not look at him. He came around the seat, pulled her to her feet and raised her face to him with his finger under her chin. Lauryn’s heart beat in her throat. His face moved towards her. He stopped and waited for her to turn her face away. She didn’t. They kissed. His hands moved to her bottom. He squeezed and at the same time pulled her skirt up. Lauryn didn’t stop him. Encouraged, he pushed her pantyhose down. She kissed him harder, clearly encouraging him not to stop.

Ben pulled away and swung Lauryn around. He pushed her on her knees onto the seat in front of her and roughly entered her from behind. Lauryn had no idea when he had unzipped himself, but she did not care. It has been months since a man fucked her. She clung to the back of the seat, her back arched, her legs spread to accommodate Ben’s thrusts. He pounded her hard and held onto her hips to balance himself. The muscles in her pussy contracted as she climaxed and this caused Ben to climax too.

“I will start in the front,” a voice came from the middle of the plane, on the other side of the closed curtain, separating business from economy class. The cleaner looked surprised when he saw the co-pilot and flight attendant in seats on opposite sides of the isle. They both looked flushed and a bit guilty, even though they tried to pretend that it was normal to still be in the plane. He walked passed them towards the first row of business class and just smiled, wondering what they had been up to before he appeared. If only he knew…

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  1. Come fly with me indeed! Lovely, sexy little story. I’m left wondering what stories the seats on airplanes would tell if they could. Just how many of them have been “christened”, do you think? 🙂 Jane xxx

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