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Every first Sunday of the month Sinful Sunday works with a prompt, which is optional, but I love the challenges so always try to join in.

This month’s prompt was ‘black and white’.

And Molly said:

Not to be confused with monochrome which means ‘one colour’. I am looking for purely black and white images. No Sepia, no Cyanotype, no Split Tones, no Grayscale, no Infrared etc just plain ole Black and White.

We were also asked to post the original photo along with the black and white photo. I normally use IrfanView for quick conversions to my photos and to add a watermark to my photos. I have been using this for years and will probably for years to come. So, in Irfanview I opened my photo, clicked ‘convert to grayscale’ and saved it. Then I wanted to add the above quote to this post and I realized that I was not supposed to convert it to grayscale. I reverted to the online program Pixlr to see if there was a black and white option, as I could not find it in Irfanview. There I decreased the saturation to zero as I have read that it is what makes a black and white photo. And while I was at it, my eye fell on the option ‘old photo’ so I decided to use that too, because wasn’t all photos black and white way, way back?

So here they are, my four photos… you can click to enlarge and browse them.

Browsing through the photos I honestly see very little difference between the one converted to grayscale and the one I desaturated. And… I personally love the old photo version the best. How about you?

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53 thoughts on “Back to Black

  1. I love the old photo as well. The details are there and it welcomes the eye to look at the warmth of what’s going on.

  2. I like the second one best – the clamp looks darker, the color deeper on it, making it look a bit sinister. Beautiful clamps, btw!

  3. Mmm… I just got a set just like these. Great image. I like them all. I don’t think I can pick just one.

  4. I love this! As far as versions, I think I like the color best. The pink of your nipple really stands out against the blacks of the background and the clamp. In any version though, I feel the pinch myself which speaks to the power of the image.

  5. Each image has it’s own qualities but for me image three has it (the second of the black and whites) as it seems to show better detail than the other black and white ones.

    ~Mia~ xx

  6. Heh… I actually like the greyscale better than the desaturation. The “old photo” touch is lovely too 🙂

    ~Kazi xxx

  7. I just see sexy boob.

    haha. But seriously – I do love the old photo view – this works in black and white too of course.
    Thank you for sharing x

  8. I like the third image best as well. I think that the slight touch of colour in the creases on your breast make them stand out more. All are beautiful though!

  9. I like the ‘old’ version, too. I think it’s the hint of colour and softness that appeals to me. Although your clamped nipple is beautiful in all forms. 🙂 Jane xxx

  10. Gorgeous photo – and yes, the third image seems sharper to me, too (Molly, you’re bang on!). Really like all the versions, though.

    xx Dee

  11. Yes I am sorry about that… grayscale is essentially what we call black and white…. and I did edit my directions to take that out. I apologise if I confused anyone.

    I think you are right in there is no difference between the 2, it is just the different programs have ‘labelled’ the technique differently.

    The aged picture actually does keep some of the colour in, just a blush, but it is there, hence me trying to get people to concentrate on no colour images only what shows in the shades of black and white.

    I think the best one is the second of the black and white ones, it has picked up the detail on the clamp better, rather than it being swallowed into the dark we can see the structure and even the little pin around which the centre pivots. Also, the definition around your breast seems to be ever so slightly sharper in that image too.


    1. It was great playing around with the different settings and different programs, so I did not mind the confusion of grayscale and black and white 🙂

      Rebel xox

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