An adventurous holiday

servants quarters

“Are you sure this is the place?” Tabby asked. Disappointment sounded in her voice and showed on her face.
“I’ve followed the directions on the navigation,” Thom answered, “just check the address again? Maybe we have the wrong number?”
He looked disappointed too. This is not what he had expected the holiday house to look like. From the description on Internet he expected it to be much different, but this house looked neglected. An adventurous holiday in a cozy house with authentic elements and surrounded by woods, away from the rush of daily life… that’s what the ad said. There were no photos with the add and Thom now suspected that the ‘adventurous‘ part would be to stay in this run-down place for the duration of their vacation. He looked around.

“This is the place,” Tabby said. “The address is correct.”
“Maybe it looks better inside?” Thom suggested and at the same time opened the car door to get out. Tabby opened her door too and got out. She retrieved the key from the envelop. They had both found it odd that the key were sent to them by post. Okay, they had to pay quite a high deposit for the key, which they will get back when they send it back to the post office address after their vacation. We should have known this, Tabby thought, we should have known that something would be wrong with this place.

Thom took the key from Tabby and unlocked the door. The inside was not as bad as the outside, but still nothing like they expected. All furniture was old, but clean. They walked through the living room towards the first bedroom, the second and the third, the bathroom and the kitchen.
“Yep,” Thom said with a smirk, “cozy, with authentic elements indeed.”
Tabby laughed. The inside actually looked okay. It would never get a five star status, let alone one star, but it would do. They needed the rest and granted, the part about this being away from the rush of daily life was spot on.

Thom opened the back door and walked out on the porch.
“Thom,” Tabby called out, “you should see this.”
He turned around and walked back into the kitchen to where Tabby was standing in front of an open door. He expected to see a pantry, but stood next to Tabby staring down into the dark, where the stairs running disappeared.
“Shall we go have a look?” Tabby asked.
They found a light switch and started down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs was a small space and another door. Thom expected it to be locked, but was surprised when it swung open.

“Oh. My.” Tabby said when she saw the inside of the room. She had no idea what all the implements were called. All of them made of wood and all of them had rusty rings attached to them. On the walls were similar rings with chains hanging from them. They walked deeper into the room and discovered an old wooden pillory. The things they saw were not ordinary furniture, but old antique implements that were once used to torture slaves. Even though it was clear that all the implements were old, the basement was clean, as if someone kept it just as clean as the living quarters above them.

“I wondered who lived in this house,” Tabby said.
“I think this was once the servants quarters,” Thom said, “there’s a huge house way up on the hill, at the back, walking distance from here. Maybe they are the ones renting out this place?”
Tabby did not answer her husband. She walked between the implements and run her hands over the smooth, old wood and the rusty rings. She imagined people tied to the implements for punishment. Maybe they were whipped. Or displayed for the fun of others? Something stirred between her legs. Fantasies of being tied to the wall or fucked on the bench ran through her head.

“I know what you’re thinking,” Thom whispered, standing close behind her.
Tabby looked over her shoulder and smiled. Nodded.
“Maybe you should take your clothes off,” Thom said.
“Here?” Tabby asked and Thom nodded.
“Now?” Tabby asked again and Thom nodded again.
“Haha, funny man,” Tabby said and started to walk to the door, “I believe we still have a car to unpack so let’s…”
She stopped in the middle of her sentence and shrieked. Thom’s hand was in her hair, pulling her back towards him.
“I want you to take your clothes off. Now.”

The wetness between Tabby’s legs increased. She pushed her legs together trying to contain her longing. Her hands moved to the buttons on her blouse. She smiled at Thom. He didn’t smile back; just looked at her approvingly. Once she was naked, he lead her towards the pillory. When he was done with her, her back was turned toward the door; her head toward the far corner of the room. Her legs were spread and her feet were tied to the cross-beams at the bottom of the pillory with rope. There was no lock on the pillory, so Thom used more rope hanging from the pillory to tie the pillory in place. Once Tabby was secured, he slapped both her butt cheeks in quick succession.

“Wait for me, I have some things to do,” Thom said. “I think this might turn out to be an adventurous holiday, after all, just like the ad stated.” Thom walked out the door, on his way to get their stuff from the car and settle in for their two week vacation.

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