Versace Grip

We were totally at loss when we saw Molly’s prompt for May.

The prompt was:
Men, male, masculine…. show me what those words mean to you.

It took us up to the first of May to finally come up with an idea:

One of Master T’s Versace ties
(Master T has quite a collection of stunning ties)


Hand grips used by body builders
(Master T is NOT a body builder)


Some female elements to soften the above, and demanded by the Man who made the photo
(You know what they say… “behind every great man…”)

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36 thoughts on “Versace Grip

  1. I’m with Molly, I keep focusing on the heels. So pretty! Love the take on the prompt.

  2. OH!!! the tie I love it, we have a tie that we use to use in our early playing days I will be getting it out and using it again SOON! great image

  3. I like the mix of the elements you used especially in the 2nd image! Oh and your heels and that tie are stunning!

  4. The tie has beautiful color and silkiness and an added plus of shoe porn.
    P.S. I agree, you are a great woman 🙂

  5. Oh Marie I ALWAYS love your shoes . . . realise it’s not on topic!
    Oh, and the tie! . . . I realise it’s changing the dynamics . . . but I’m imagining you loosening it from around his neck, sliding it from his collar, ordering him onto his knees to lick those shiny black heels . . . whilst you squeeze and flex that grip !!!
    Oh . . . so sorry, I’ve come over all flushed!!!!
    Xxx – K

    1. Ooooh that is one dynamic that will never happen here or anywhere else for that matter. Just the thought of someone licking my heels… *grins*
      Good to know I got you flushed with the images, though 😉

      Rebel xox

  6. I love the statement of behind every great man, reminds me of my own husband who credits me far more than I feel I deserve.
    My favorite of the two is the hand grip with the undeniable female elements behind it. I love the contrast of this photo so much.

    1. Thank you, sweets! My Husband was the one who came up with this idea and we really did not know if it would work with the prompt. Am so glad it did 🙂

  7. Mmmm…..those legs. (Oh, and the tie is nice as well, Master T. 🙂 ) Well done!

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