Sound Track

It’s been ages since I last posted a picture of the 26 by 26 challenge I have been participating in. In the meantime the challenge is done, but I still want to post the photos we have made for it.

Challenge number 18 was:

Take a photograph of, or representative of, something normally immaterial or invisible. Such as sound, music, air pollution, toxic waste, love…
~ Mark Neville

 We chose to portray music. The first photo shows you the CD, but the second photo is the one I really want to submit for this challenge, as it is a brilliant one, thanks to Master T’s eye for detail.

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38 thoughts on “Sound Track

  1. This is awesome. I have to just add that all I can think about looking at these photos is ‘tongue, need, taste’ and the sudden throbbing between my legs.
    Cara xx

  2. It fits perfectly and looks sexy! I just hope he didn’t spin the disc – Oooh *covers nipples*

  3. As Molly mentioned, I love how the CD fits your nipple just right…they should make CD players that look like that! lol

  4. When I first saw the second image, all I could say was ‘ouch!’ But maybe it would only hurt if someone were to spin it.

    Åsa x

  5. You brought a genuine smile to my face and got me to wonder what the story behind the stunning picture was. Well done!

  6. I’ve only ever stuck my finger in a CD but your nipple looks much better there!

  7. PS… does the 26 challenge run all the time? If you have finished it, is there a new list starting soon or something?

  8. what a great image… I love the way your nipple is sitting up through the hole in the CD as it was designed for the purpose.


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