Orgasm control (6): Wednesday: Numbers 25 – 31

control-250x200Continued from: Orgasm control (5): Tuesday: Numbers 18 – 24

The first two times I edged on this fourth full day of this task was done in the ladies room at work again. The first time I leaned against the wall, spreading my legs wide and rubbing my clitoris until I felt my climax nearing. Of course I stopped in time, just as I did the second time I edged. Both times I realized that I missed my toy. Edging with a clitoral vibrator feels so much better, allowing the vibrations to fill my loins, knowing I am not allowed to go over the edge and have an orgasm. I can easily bring myself to orgasm with my fingers, but the sensations are not the same. My fingers and my almost-orgasms leave me horny, but I want to live dangerously and feel that tingly feeling that has me much more at risk to lose it and climax. At my work I missed the thrill.

The third and fourth time edging were both done in the afternoon in the ladies room. When I edged the fourth time I almost climax. I was so damn close, almost felt as if my orgasm was going to explode when I realized I had to stop. Thankfully, I did not climax, but damn it was close!

During the day I missed my clitoral vibrator, so I had planned that I would use it for the remaining three edging sessions. I was not in the right frame of mind when I got home due to just having learned that our play date for Friday was not going to happen anymore. I tend to be totally off-balance when things unexpectedly change. I sat on the couch for a while, then shrugged my shoulders and before dinner time I went upstairs to edge for the fifth time today. I used my clitoral vibrator again, trapping it under my body and riding it, letting it vibrate through my pussy and touch my clitoris. It’s an amazing feeling. Before long I was on the edge again and had to stop, but I had two more times to look forward to. The sixth time edging was just as delicious as the fifth time as I rode my clitoral vibrator until I almost climaxed.

Using the same vibrator in bed, I edged for the seventh time. With Master T next to me, watching, it was so much hotter and the tingly feeling lasted long.
“Do you want to feel how wet I am?” I asked with a smile.
“That’s wet!” He said after pushing His finger into me and removing it only moments after.
“Oh please, feel again?”
I sighed and lay my head on His shoulder. I clenched my legs together, willing the feeling to subside, but it did not really work. My nipples were tingling too, as if I was still on the brink of an orgasm.
“Will you please touch my tits, Mijnheer?”
“But why not? Please?”
I was quiet for some moments.
“But why not?”
I closed my eyes and bit my lip. It was time to go to sleep if I did not want to get myself into trouble.

To be continued… Orgasm control (7): Thursday: Numbers 32 – 38

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