Orgasm control (5): Tuesday: Numbers 18-24

control-250x200Continued from: Orgasm control (4): Monday: Numbers 11 – 17

I woke up sometime in the middle of the night and my first thought was: “edging, I have to edge at my work.” And this same thought was the first thing in my mind when I woke up some hours later. It took until 9.30am before I sneaked off to the ladies room to edge for the first time. I sat with my legs spread wide, my tights pushed way down to my ankles and I frigged my clitoris. The horniness instantly returned, and more so when I dipped my finger into my own wetness and rubbed that over my clitoris. It did not take long for my orgasm to start building. The familiar tingly feeling in my legs and loins told me it was close, but just before it could take over, I stopped. I sat quietly for a while, willing the orgasm to stay away while intensely longing for it to give my body some relief. Sitting at my desk afterward, I pushed my legs together and a delicious shiver ran through my boys when my movement seemed to stimulate my clitoris. I wondered whether it might still be swollen.

The second and third time I also edged in the ladies room. After the third time I had shivers down my spine for almost half an hour, due to feeling so incredibly horny. All I could think about was being fucked hard until I climax hard. The fourth time edging left me wanting even more. Concentrating on my work for longer than 10 minutes was quite a challenge. Just when the horniness subsided a bit, it was time to edge again. Number 5 left me on the edge of my seat. I so wanted to go on and just climax, but remembering Master T’s words about a punishment I would not like had me stopping in time.

Back home I kept an eye on the clock, knowing I had to get one ‘almost orgasm’ in before bedtime and then the other in bed, while Master T watched me. I went upstairs halfway through the evening and used my Nomi Tang clitoral vibrator, sitting on the edge of the bed and moving my hips forward and backward. It was an exquisite feeling, the vibrations that ran through my pussy. The orgasm slowly built and when it came to close I moved away from the vibrator, but instantly moved back because I wanted more of those sensations. I knew how dangerous this was, how easily I could go past the point of no return, but thankfully I could stop in time. I smiled when I saw how wet the clitoral vibrator was when I removed it from my pussy. Was I horny? You bet I was!

The last time I edged was in bed, with Master T right next to me. Once again I used my clitoral vibrator and enjoyed the sensations it sent through my loins. I turned the vibrations up high, lay back and relaxed, allowing the toy to do its work. I wanted the feeling to last as long as possible. Just before I could orgasm I grabbed the toy, removing it from my clitoris. The vibrating sensations stayed for quite some time and I was incredibly horny, but had to go to sleep. I hinted that Master T should touch my breasts and it was clear that He knew what I hinted at, but He did not touch me. Am I going to survive this until Friday?

To be continued… Orgasm control (6): Wednesday: Numbers 25 – 31

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