Orgasm control (4): Monday: Numbers 11 – 17

control-250x200Continued from: Orgasm control (3): Sunday: Numbers 4 – 10

I love public holidays as this gives us extra time at home, and I just love being at home. Our morning started out lazy and it was already well after noon before I edged for the first time. The previous day I really enjoyed using my Lelo Mia, so I started with that again. Right after it felt like when I would push my legs together, I might orgasm. It was as if the edging feeling hung around for some time.

Master T was in the bedroom about an hour later and the second time I edged, He watched me. I used my small vibrator again. Right after my almost-climax, He lay down on bed and started sucking my nipples. Soft at first, but it ended with Him almost biting me – something that always make my clitoris tingle with anticipation. Just before He left the room He pushed His finger deep into my pussy.

After the third time my pussy was throbbing and I really wanted more. I was longing for an orgasm, but I knew better than to let it happen before Friday evening. The fourth time I used my fingers, afraid that if I used my toy again, I might climax. I watched myself in the mirror while I frigged my swollen clitoris.

Then we got visitors… and they stayed MUCH longer then we thought they would. By the time the left it was two hours before our normal bedtime and I still had to edge three more times. I quickly went upstairs and used my toy again, enjoying the vibrations and the after-effect that left my legs tingling and my pussy throbbing. About an hour later I logged of and put my laptop away. Leaning back on the couch I slipped my hand under my dress and brought myself to the brink of an orgasm again. Half an hour later we were in bed. I looked at Master T with a smile, actually waiting for Him to tell me to edge for the seventh time.
“What are you waiting for?” He said without smiling, “Get on with it!”
I did, using my clitoral vibrator again and soon I edged. I sighed and moaned and clenched my legs, wishing I could have an orgasm. I wanted nothing more than for Master T to touch me but somehow I knew if He did, I might lose it and climax. I lay back and closed my eyes.

“Suck me, bitch,” He said. I almost climax only because of those words and the tone in His voice.
For the first time that I can remember I sucked Him and He did not touch me once – not before, not during. Afterward I lay in His arms and slowly drifted off to sleep, smiling.

To be continued… Orgasm control (5): Tuesday: Numbers 18 – 24

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4 thoughts on “Orgasm control (4): Monday: Numbers 11 – 17

  1. I’ve just now been able to catch up on your edging task – you finally got it! You seen to be enjoying it a good deal, but then it’s only Tuesday. Maybe your tune will change by Friday! Or maybe not…everyone reacts so differently to different things, and this just seems to rev you up! Good luck with the rest of the task! 🙂

    1. I have indeed gotten my task and overall I did enjoy it, but I also had difficult moments. More to follow on the subject, as always 🙂

  2. I wish I could cum as easily as you. Edging seems to be a common thing for me. (pouting)

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