Orgasm control (3): Sunday: Numbers 4 – 10

control-250x200Continued from: Orgasm control (2): Tasked with edging (Saturday)

On Easter Sunday we were off to our oldest daughter for brunch. I knew that I it would be a bit tricky to edge while we were there, but I was certainly going to try. My first edge for the day was under the shower, using my hands and the shower head. It sparked my horny feelings again, but soon they were almost forgotten when we were with the family, laughing, having lunch and talking about different things. It was with a start that I remembered that I should remember to edge. I went to the bathroom and had to concentrate really hard to get to the edge. It wasn’t easy to do with my mom passing by the door twice and talking to me. I think the second time my voice even sounded a bit forced.

Back at home I went upstairs to our bedroom. I was wearing a dress and stockings, nothing more. I lay down on bed, pulled my dress up and spread my legs. I pulled the front of the dress down and exposed my breasts. I reached for my Lelo Mia and looked at it for a couple of seconds, wondering how wise I was to use this. But I really wanted to. The feelings the vibrations sent through my body were exquisite. This was the first time that I stopped so close to an orgasm that my legs tingled for several minutes afterward. A feeling I wanted to experience again, so for the fourth and fifth time I edged I used the Lelo Mia again. It only served to make me feel hornier and hornier as the evening progressed.

“Two more to go,” I said to Master T when I came downstairs after edging for the fifth time.
“As long as the last time is done in my presence,” He said.
I went upstairs one more time and this time I chose to use the Nomi Tang Better than Chocolate clitoral vibrator. I trapped it between my legs and allowed it to vibrate against my sensitive bits. When I moved either my legs or my hips, the vibrations moved over my clit. It took a bit longer to get me to the point where I almost climaxed, but damn, did I enjoy it. This edging game was fun, even though I was constantly horny.

The seventh time I edged was done on the couch, with my legs spread wide. I was wet and told Master T that I was. After edging, He told me to stand in front of Him so He could feel just how wet I was. Several times He pushed His finger deep into my pussy and then into my mouth, to suck off my own juices.
“Turn around,” He said and when I did, “spread your cheeks.”
With ease He pushed His finger in my ass. My clitoris felt as if it doubled in size; my nipples hardened. He fingered my ass a couple of times and then pulled out. I was glad that I could lie down on the couch to get off my trembling legs.

“As from tomorrow I want to see tweets every time you’ve edged.”
“Yes, Mijnheer.”

To be continued… Orgasm control (4): Monday: Numbers 11 – 17

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