Orgasm control (2): Tasked with edging

control-250x200Continued from: Orgasm control (1): Forced orgasms

The day after the forced orgasms I was incredibly horny and two glasses of wine had only worked to intensify that feeling. Master T was busy somewhere in the house. I sent Him a text message that I was horny and that even though I want an orgasm, I also want to experience edging. That I would really love it as a task.

Be careful what you wish for.

I looked at those words a couple of seconds and yes, I know I should be careful what I wish for as I might not like when my wish is granted, but still, I really wanted this edging task. I told Master T that in my reply.

Start now.

I asked how many times a day and for how long (day, days, week?) I should edge.

Seven times per day. You are only allowed to climax on Friday evening.

By the time I got the task it was 9pm in the evening. I asked whether I had to edge seven times before bedtime. Master T told me to edge three times and then seven on all the next days until Friday. He did not want me to wait to start with the first one. I had to do it where I sat with Him watching me. And he watched me the two times after that too..

The first three times I edged I was very careful. I stopped the moment my orgasm started building, afraid that I might not be able to stop on time. I have always been able to orgasm very easily and did not want that to be the pitfall that would send me over the edge. And especially not when Master T looked at me with that sadistic glint in His eyes.
“You will be punished if you happen to climax before Friday evening. You will not like your punishment,” He said.
“Will you tell me what the punishment is?” I asked.
“Not yet.”
“Will you tell me afterward if I have completed the task successfully?”
“Yes, but first complete it,” He smiled.

To be continued… Orgasm control (3): Sunday: Numbers 4 – 10

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