Orgasm control (1): Forced orgasms

control-250x200In my post ‘W is for Wish‘ I mentioned that I have been tasked by Master T. I had to edge 7 times a day for a week and my release would only come during a play date we had planned at the end of that week. I have indeed hinted on this task over and over again, but just like with many other things I had to wait for the moment to be right, for Master T to be ready to give me this task.

Before he did, there was the night with forced orgasms.

It happened the night before I received my edging task and it happened because I yet again hinted at getting the edging task. I was in bed alone, waiting for Master T to join me. I was tired but I prefer to stay awake until Master T is in bed too. So I decided to see whether I could edge, whether it was even possible for me. I lazily rubbed my clitoris, but soon my fingers were moving quicker. Was it not that this was a test to see whether I could edge and that Master T was not there to ask for permission to climax, I would have continued until my orgasm took over. I stopped just before my orgasm would take over.

Smiling, I turned over on my side and waited for Master T to join me. I might even have drifted off to sleep for a couple of moments. After He had put my night collar on, I told Him that I have edged just to see what it felt like.
“Then you may now do it again and I want you to climax,” He said. His voice sounded relaxed.
“No, I am tired, I want to sleep,” I dared to say.
“Now,” He said.
“I’m tired, my love, I want to sleep,” I dared again.
His voice had changed. There was no room for any resistance on my side, whether played or serious.

I turned on my back and frigged my clitoris. It did not take long for me to climax.
“Another one,” He said, “and you can use your left hand to pinch your nipples.”
I obeyed and soon I climaxed for the second time. This was not what I was looking for. I really wanted an edging task. And, I was really tired. I actually wanted to sleep, not to have orgasms. I knew that nothing that I said would make any difference. All he expected of me is to obey, to do what He ordered me to do. It could be an hour or longer before He would allow me to sleep.

“And now with your left hand and your right hand can pinch your nipples,” He said directly after my second orgasm.
“I can’t do it with left,” I laughed.
“You can. Do it.”
“It’s going to take so long before I reach my climax,” I almost moaned.
“Left. Now.”
I started rubbing my clitoris again. It really is difficult to do it with left. My movements are uncoordinated and my orgasm takes a lot longer to build. I do use my left hand occasionally, when my right hand is tired and I just want it to rest a bit. But I never primarily use my left hand to climax. Pinching my nipples with my left hand is no problem though. Pinching my nipples with my right hand while my left hand stumbled awkwardly over my hard button was a bit of a challenge.

It took quite a while before my third orgasm started building, but eventually my horniness took me in the right direction and I climaxed again.
“I will help you with the next one,” Master T said as He leaned forward and pushed His fingers deep into my wetness. By now sleep was the last thing I thought about. I wanted another orgasm. And preferably another and another and I wanted to be fucked. I spread my legs wide, opening up for His fingers and grunted when my orgasm flooded me and His hand.

“And now you may sleep,” He said.
I was stunned into silence. I just lay my head down on His shoulder and settled down with His arm around me. I was still horny and I wanted more, but nothing in me wanted to protest. I closed my eyes and slowly drifted off to sleep.

It was only the next day I realized that Master T had forced me to orgasm even though I was tired and at first would much rather have wanted to go to sleep.

To be continued… Orgasm control (2): Tasked with edging (Saturday)

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2 thoughts on “Orgasm control (1): Forced orgasms

  1. It’s interesting how although sometimes we feel too tired to orgasm that our bodies can take over and still enjoy the sensations even when the mind doesn’t think it can!!

    ~Mia~ xx

    1. It is indeed. Every time this happens, I am surprised all over again. It’s as if my body betrays me, not acknowledging the feeling of tiredness, but this is the kind of betrayal I love 🙂
      Rebel xox

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