Fat Chance

There was once a chance I didn’t take… or several chances for that matter…

One fat chance I missed a month or two ago, was making photos in the midst of a restaurant. Not just any photo, for that matter, but scavenger hunt photos. Half nude ones. It was after one of the two-monthly meetings for my writing group. We always meet in the souterrain and when all but a few participants were gone, Master T told me to sit on one of the chair so He could make a photo of me. But, I waited too long, contemplating if I really should do it. And just at that moment new customers moved to our direction and came down into the souterrain. The chance I had was gone and up to now we did not have the same opportunity again.

I think there are even some chances I might have missed without knowing it. I have always been quite shy and mostly kept to myself and never questioned the actions of others. Who knows, maybe during my life a number of people – male and female – might have been interested in me, but I just cannot tell you if that was so. So that might be seen as missed chances, but I honestly don’t mind that I missed those chances. Had I not missed them, I might have been in a totally different place in my life than I am now and I might never have been with Master T and might never have been able to just be myself, like I can be with Him. I don’t even want to think about it!

A chance I could have taken was some months ago, after a play date in a hotel. We were in the bar afterward and in there was a group of women. Some of them were in their early twenties, which in my opinion is way too young for me, but others were older, closer to my age. And all of them looked damn well. And all of them were wearing short dresses or had low cut blouses. I noticed some of them – especially one who was closer to my age – looking at me. Being in the sexual frame of mind I was in, several thoughts ran through my head. Some of them was to walk to them, strike up a conversation and see where it lead.

But, I am just too damn chicken to do it, so I let the chance pass by.

Still, I daydream about what could have happened…

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If that one woman and me would have moved on to the hotel room, what could have happened. In my mind I saw us exploring each others bodies. Discovering special places. Touching in secret places. Kissing. Fondling. And of course with two men watching us. Maybe one or both men would have joined us. What if some of the other women would have joined us. A threesome? Three women? Or a foursome? Or a female orgy with 5, 7 or 10 women. That would have been awesome. Several soft bodies against each other. Different hands touching. Pleasuring each other. Tasting each other. Feeling, kissing, groping, fucking.

My mind wanders to so many different things and each time I think about this, I feel my pussy twitching and some wetness escaping me.

Always, after daydreaming like this, I return to reality, knowing I would never have the guts to just walk to any woman, even if she seems remotely interested in me. I am far too shy to just walk to strangers – male or female – and strike up a conversation. Damn, I am even to shy to show that I am interested in people I know, let alone people I don’t know. So, even if these kind of chances present themselves frequently, I will probably never act on it.

Which will always leave me thinking back and saying: There was once a chance I didn’t take…

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