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Back in February this year I told you about the new tattoo I am considering to get. The Saturday right after the post I visited a new tattoo shop. I have heard about them several times and saw huge billboards next to the highway. As a pure coincidence, my best friend was considering them too for her first tattoo, so off we went to the shop, both to talk about tattoos. She was only considering a tattoo on her foot and I of course wanted my huge tattoo, stretching from the one on my right leg to my right shoulder.

It was very busy in the shop as they were running a marathon tattooing session. There are two ladies working there who receive the customers, listen to what they want and help them as well as possible. My friend was helped quite quickly. She showed the woman the examples she had brought with her and immediately the woman told her who would do the tattoo. She took the examples, showed them to the artist and came back with a price. I think she was done in about ten minutes. Of course I showed her my examples too. She told me that I would have to talk to their ‘flower man’, but that he was still busy with a tattoo and I would have to wait.

We waited for about 45 minutes when another man – not a tattoo artist – came to sit with us. He asked if he could help us and I told him what I wanted. I showed him the examples I had brought with me, showed him the tattoo on my leg and explained what I wanted. At that moment the tattoo artist I was waiting to talk to walked from behind the gate (they have a gate and counter separating the working area of the tattoo artists from the waiting area for customers) and started walking towards the exit. The man next to me stood up and followed the tattoo artist with my examples in his hand.

When he came back he told me what the tattoo would cost: 2000 euros! I think my jaw literally dropped. He told me if I pay it all in one go, it would be 1500 euros. I think my mouth was still open. He stood up, walked to the counter, did something at the counter and came back to me. When he handed the papers back to me, the deal he just offered me was written on it and sealed with a stamp and a signature. To say the least, I sort of left there in a state of shock. But before we left my friend made an appointment to have her tattoo done in the Easter weekend.

My friend´s beautiful foot tattoo

At first I was planning to start saving up for the tattoo, but it’s a ridiculous price. It just did not sound right! Slowly another idea formed. On the day my friend had her tattoo done, I went with her. I told the lady at the counter that I want to speak to the tattoo artist directly. She told me that I would have to wait, but I wasn’t going anywhere anyway, as my friend was having her tattoo done. Eventually the artist came out from behind the gate and walked over towards me. I deliberately had no examples with me as I did not want another misunderstanding. I explained to him what I want.

“How many flowers?”
“Do you want realistic flowers?”
“Tribal lines?”
Those were some questions he asked and I answered.
“Yes,” he said and started to walk away, “I can do the tattoo.”
I called him back and asked what it would cost. Can you imagine the smile when he said 1000 euros and possible 800 if he’s only busy for 8 hours? When he started walking away again, I asked him to write it down on a piece of paper. He did and then disappeared. A while later the woman that I spoke to at the counter asked me whether I have spoken to the artist. I nodded, said he had written the price on a piece of paper but that I think I still need a stamp and a signature. She disappeared, came back and the offer was official!

Next step? To have my tattoo done at the beginning of our summer holiday in August! Now to save up the money!

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12 thoughts on “Dutch Tattoo

  1. My friend is not very much into pain and she too heard that it will hurt like hell, but… she fell asleep while they were tattooing her! She enjoyed it and did not feel the pain she was told she would. The tattoo artist called her a masochist 😉

    Rebel xox

    1. Luckily she did not snore 😛

      You’re not a masochist right, that you were disappointed? (Said with tongue in cheek).
      I wonder how much the one on my back will hurt…

      Rebel xox

  2. Oh I can’t wait to see as well.
    I don’t have any . . . but do you know Marie that The Great British Tattoo show is on in London this coming weekend. Perhaps you might get some special show-only deals!!!!
    Xxx – K

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