Dark Fantasy

She slowly opened her eyes. Tanya was not sure whether her eyes were actually open, as she could see nothing. Only darkness. She became aware of a musty smell. Was she in a basement? Below her was something firm, but soft and it seemed that a blanket covered her. Tanya didn’t feel cold. Was she in her bedroom? No, her bedroom did not smell like this. Was she dreaming? No, she was pretty sure that she was awake, even though her head seemed fuzzy. Somehow she could not clearly add all elements together to form a proper picture.

It was only when Tanya wanted to throw the blanket off to get up and research her surroundings that she panicked. She could not move her arms. Only now she became aware of the pressure of the rope tied around her wrists. Her arms were tied to the headboard of the bed. There was rope around her ankles too. Her feet were tied to the bottom of the bed; her legs spread. She turned her head sideways but still couldn’t see anything. Turning her head to the other side had the same effect. She lifted her head to look down at her feet. Still, only darkness.

For heaven’s sake, where was she? And how did she get here? Panic filled her limbs. Tanya struggled and fought against her bindings but to no avail. Whoever had tied her down, had done a good job. Fear gripped her heart. What if no one comes for her? What if they let her die here? The thought of dying there in the dark, all alone, made her heart throb in her throat. Tanya breathed in deep and slowly exhaled. She had to calm down. She had to think. What was the last she could remember from before she woke up?

There was a bar. And laughter. Fun. A birthday party? No, no birthday party. Was it even a party? Tanya couldn’t remember, but she remembered the laughter, the fun. A face flashed into her memory. Ross! Ross was there too. And Devon. Michelle, Donna, Paul. Her colleagues. Memories came flooding back. She had drinks with them after work on Friday. She laughed with relief while at the same time tears formed in her eyes. She knew where she had been, but she still did not know how she got here or where here was. Tanya squirmed and fought against the ropes. The knots were tight and the rope burned her sensitive skin, but did not budge one millimeter. The blanket, however, slipped to the floor and her naked body was exposed to the cool are in the cellar.

Tanya shivered and breathed heavily as a sense of panic overtook her again. A scream died on her lips when she heard a sound coming from somewhere above her head. Not on the ceiling side, but from… the wall? Another sound. Tanya arched her back and twisted her body to look at the wall. She did not expect to see anything, because even though her eyes were used to the dark, it was still pitch black around her. A giggle caught in her throat when she saw a small light. It wasn’t close, but at least there was some light. There was a way out. There was hope. She just needed to figure out how to loosen the rope. Tanya heard the sound again. It was closer now. The scraping sound sent shivers down her spine.

Straining her body and eyes to look at the faraway light, Tanya stayed still and listened. It was quiet. Maybe she imagined the sound? She relaxed her body, closed her eyes and concentrated. Listened. Was there someone else with her? Was that someone else’s breathing she heard? Once again panic set in. She willed herself to relax, to breathe evenly. Her body shivered from the cold. Tanya tried to control her breathing, but it took a long while before she managed to calm it and think clearly. She breathed in and held her breathed. There it was – the soft breathing of… yes, of what?

“Hello…” she said, her voice shaky.
“Hello Tanya.”
“Who are…”
Tanya could not finish her question. A piece of cloth was stuffed in her mouth, making talking impossible. Muffled screams was all she managed.
“You know who I am. You trust me. I mean you know harm. Just let me have fun with you and you will be free to go,” the man said.
She turned her head to look, but the darkness was still impenetrable. How did this man see her in the dark? She had no time to contemplate her question, neither could she know that the man was wearing night vision glasses.

Tanya pulled away when he touched her cheek.
“Just enjoy, Tanya. This is your fantasy, after all.” She heard a smile in the unfamiliar voice. Who was this man? What happened on Friday? Did she even leave the bar? What day was it now? Was anyone looking for her? She moaned when his hand moved down her cheek to her neck. His touch was gentle. Tanya’s body stiffened when his hand cupped her breast. He squeezed softly, almost kneading the flesh of her breast in his hand. Tanya moaned even louder when her nipples grew harder. This was not supposed to excite her! How could her body react like this.

“I see you like this as much as I do, Tanya,” the man spoke, “but then again I knew you would. You shared this dark fantasy with me.”
What? Tanya started fighting against the ropes again and tried to get out from under his hand. His grip tightened, but he did not hurt her. What did he mean? Her dark fantasy? Did she really share it with him? Who was he? She never spoke to anyone about it. Or did she? On Friday? She should not have had that fifth glass of wine! Tanya was so lost in thought, that she did not notice the caressing hands on her body and by the time she noticed, she did not want to fight the sensations anymore. She wanted to live her fantasy, wanted to experience it. In fact, all fear had left her body. Something told her this man would not hurt her.

His hands stroked up and down the sides of her body, from the sides of her breasts, over her hips and down her legs to her feet and back up again. Warm oil was poured between her breasts, on her stomach and her thighs. The oil was spread out over her body. Tanya moaned softly when he rubbed the oil onto her breast and started massaging her. Not one inch of the front of her body was left untouched, except for her pussy. Her nipples were in a permanent state of erectness, her pussy dripped her fluids onto the mattress below her.

tunnel Thanks to Modesty Ablaze for allowing me to use this photo
Thanks to Modesty Ablaze
for allowing me to use this photo

By the time two fingers spread her labia and oil was poured onto her clitoris, Tanya was almost ready to climax. He massaged her labia, moving closer and closer to her clitoris. The moment he pinched it between his fingers, Tanya arched her back and let out a long, low grunt as she climaxed. Fingers were pushed into her cunt while he pinched her nipples with his other hand. The fingers fucked her, drawing another orgasm from her body. They moved back to her clitoris, then back inside her pussy and back to her clitoris again, changing position only once she had an orgasm. By the time he stopped, Tanya was ready to do anything he asked. She wanted to be fucked. But with the gag in her mouth, she could not tell him.

Hours later Tanya slowly opened her eyes. She was not sure whether her eyes were actually open, as she could see nothing. Only darkness. One by one sensations returned – the smell of the place she was in, the feeling of oil on her body, the soft blanket covering her. The way he stroked her cheek after all those orgasms. She must have drifted off to sleep. Tanya remembered the light she saw earlier and turned her head to look if it was still there. Only then she realized that the gag was gone, as were the ropes. She got off the bed and carefully she walked towards the light. The closer she got to it, the more she could see. Stairs lead up into the light. Her clothes and shoes – the same ones she wore to work on Friday – were neatly placed on the top step. On the bottom step, Tanya paused and turned around, looked back into the darkness and she wondered where the man had disappeared to. It disappointed her that he was gone, but little did she know that the bar owner was still watching her as she climbed the stairs from the basement cellar toward the empty bar.

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