Black is beautiful

nippleclamps-213x350I have been approached by ÜberKinky to review products for them and I gladly accepted the offer, as their website is one I frequently look on for kinky products. Even though we own clover clamps, I wanted to review these black clamps of the Master Series, as this brand has quite a lot of interesting products. And, a pair of black nipple clamps should not be missing from anyone’s toybox!

Packaging & Contents
The Monarch Noir Nipple Clamps are packed in a black box of about 12cm by 8cm (give or take). The front of the box is see through and the nipple clamps are displayed next to each other, with the chain between the clamps clearly visible. When you open the box, the clamps are in a double plastic box, one in which they nestle and the other serves as a see through lid. The back of the box gives a brief description of what you can expect of the product:

A timeless classic. The Monarch Nipple Vice provides a light initial sensation… until the chain is pulled. They become increasingly harsh, clamping down harder as more pressure is pulled on the chain. The ‘clover’ style mechanism makes the Monarchs grip tighter and unyielding on sensitive flesh. Ideal for solo play or with the one you want to dominate.

Shape ‘n Size… and Material
The clamps are almost oval, until you squeeze them. Then a clover forms at the top, hence the reason these clamps are also called clover clamps. The clamps are 8,9 cm long and 3,8 cm across on the widest point. They are not heavy at all. In fact, the chain on the clamps is heavier than one of the clamps. The clamps are light, even though they are made of metal.

How does it work?
When the widest part of the nipple clamps are pushed, they open and can be placed on a nipple. Make sure the nipple is erect, hold on to it and place the clamp behind your fingers, on the areola. Then, if you want to increase the pain of the ‘victim’, you just pull the chain. The clamps tighten down on whatever is between the tips of the clamps.

My nipple with a Master Series Monarch Noir Nipple Clamp (click to enlarge)

My experience with the toy
Master T was going to help me with the photos for this review and therefore He was going to be the one to put the clamps on my nipples. He kissed me before He did, held me, stroked my breasts gently. I knew and really appreciated that He was trying to get me in the right head space for the pain that I knew would come. And it did. Immediately when He put the clamps on my nipples, I moaned and He said: “That’s a sound I like to hear.” The initial light sensation the package spoke about was nowhere to be found.

The pain was there all through the making of the photos and it intensified when He pulled on the chain. For a couple of moments I had to hold the chain, for Him to make another photo. I think I might have the clamps on my nipples for about 10 minutes when Master T took them off. Not slowly, but in one go. That hurts, really hurts. Afterward He softly sucked my nipples and just held them in His mouth while the intense hurt turned into a dull throbbing.

My opinion of the toy
I love it. Yes. Even though it hurt like hell, I love it. I have a love-hate relationship with nipple clamps. If you are into pain and into nipple torture – whether giving or receiving – these clamps definitely are for you. And hey, black against my light skin? I love that just as much! Like they say, black is beautiful, and it happens to be one of my favorite colors!

Where to buy?
The Master Series Monarch Noir Nipple Clamps can be bought from ÜberKinky. This site also has a section where you can see and read how to use nipple clamps. And if you are not into a lot of pain, but want to try other nipple clamps, you can find those on ÜberKinky too.


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