Beware of the Leopard

“I feel ridiculous,” Dionah moaned.
“O come, this is fun,” Anjie said, “let’s just go with the flow.”
“Serious? You call this fun?” Dionah stopped in the middle of the street and moving her hands up and down, gestured to her ‘attire’.
“Granted,” Anjie said with a giggle, “we do look a bit funny.”
“A bit? People are looking at us! Staring!”
“Oh, come on, Dionah,” Lintilla joined in, “stop your moaning and just get on with it. We all look the same and we are here to have fun.”

Dionah sighed and tried to ignore the fact that all she was wearing around her body was a towel that barely covered her round – and naked – ass. She looked at the five women with her. Indeed, they all looked equally ridiculous with their towels. She looked down at the paper in her hand and read the heading: Search for, but beware of the leopard. They had signed up for this quest when they decided to visit New York City. This was supposed to be a fun way to discover some of the more unusual places in New York, she had been told. And the goal was to find the leopard, while being covered only in a towel. Dionah had no idea what the two had to do with each other, but she pushed her feelings of discomfort away and decided to make an effort to enjoy the afternoon with her best friends.

It was hours later, just as dusk set in, that the women stopped in front of Club Alpha.
“Is this where we should be?” Anjie asked.
“Yes,” Lintilla said with conviction in her voice, “we have followed the directions and answered all questions. This is where we should be. The leopard is inside, as is dinner… and our clothes of course!”
“It will be great to get my clothes on,” Dionah said, “I’m a bit chilly.”
All the women started laughing as they started up the stairs toward the front door of the nightclub.
“You’re just saying that because you hated walking around in the towel all day!”

Dionah did not answer them. She only smiled. In fact, walking around like that had made her feel uncomfortable at first, but as the afternoon progressed, something else happened. She felt horny. At times when no one looked she used the towel to wipe the wetness trailing from her pussy down her legs. Inside the club Anjie walked over to the bar to talk to the barman. She came back and started up the stairs.
“The leopard is upstairs. Supposedly,” she said.
“Supposedly?” Dionah asked.
“Yep, the man said it’s there if we can find it.”
Just up the stairs Dionah saw the door to a restroom.
“Go ahead, I will catch up with you. I need to wee,” she said and disappeared inside.

When she came back out, the hallway was empty. She tried to listen for her friends’ voices, but heard nothing because of the sound of loud music coming from downstairs. She heard voices coming from a room on the other side of the hallway. Yes, she thought, that sounded like Anjie’s voice. Dionah opened the door and entered the room. It was dark inside.
“Where are you?” she asked.
“Here,” a voice whispered.
“Why are you whispering?” Dionah asked, also in a whisper.
“Because,” the voice answered.
“Oh, the leopard?” Dionah asked.

Dionah took a step forward and waited for her eyes to adjust to the dark so she could see her friends. And the leopard of course. It must be in here somewhere in a cage or something. Since her friends were quiet, she kept quiet too. A soft, gloved hand covered her mouth.
“Be still,” a voice whispered in her ear while another hand pushed the towel from her body and cupped her breast. Dionah struggled but stopped when two fingers pinched her nose and instantly she could not breathe.
“I said: be still,” the voice whispered again. She stopped her struggling and could breathe again. The hand moved from her breast to her crotch, where it found her wetness. Being as horny as she was, Dionah surrendered to the feeling.

Soft fingertips firmly pressed down on her clitoris. Wetness was spread onto her button in circular movements. More wetness pooled. Nipples and clitoris erected themselves to the passion filling her loins. Dionah winced when nails occasionally scratched her slightly, but mainly that enhanced the pleasure of the friction. Wetness trickled down the inside of her legs, but this time she had no desire to wipe it away. More fluids joined the wetness on her legs when her orgasm washed through her body. Her knees went weak and she leaned against the body behind her. Faintly she registered the tough muscles covered with soft body hair.

Several moments later, she heard the whispering voice again.
“Will you be still?”
leopardShe nodded. Instantly the hand disappeared from her mouth and the body behind her moved away. Dionah stood still, listening. The rustling sound behind her combined with the suspense of the moment had her nipples hard again. Then the rustling stopped. The silence hurt her ears. A click behind her startled her. It took her a couple of seconds to realize that it was the door she heard. Slowly she turned around, fully expecting someone behind her. She could still see very little, but enough to know that no one was there. Bit by bit she shuffled toward the door. She felt on the wall and finally located a light switch.

The first thing she saw when she turned around was her clothes displayed on the bed. But what really held her attention for several minutes before she grasped what had just happened in the dark was her towel, there on the floor, in the middle of the room and next to it… a leopard suit.

© Rebel’s Notes

This post was written for the discontinued meme A Darker Flame, with the prompt: Beware of the leopard

A Darker Flame

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  1. I always find dialogue is such a powerful way to start a story…and am so impressed you included a towel! Gorgeous piece.


    1. Thank you! And I hope you noticed that I used names of the minor characters of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy? 😉

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