Z is for Zipper

zipperFinding a word that start with the letter Z was the most difficult of all of the words. I have found a couple of interesting words, like ‘zaftig’ that comes from the German word ‘saftig’ and it is an adjective describing a woman having a full, rounded figure. A plump woman.

Another interesting word was ‘zelophilia’ which is the sexual arousal from jealousy. I cannot even begin to imagine what this is like. A person who is sexually aroused by their own or their partner’s jealousy is called a zelophile.

A lot of sexual ‘z’ words started with ‘zoo’ and all of them had something to do with animals.

One word I considered using for this post – and technically it isn’t even a word – is ‘zzzz’. Those of course, as we all know, is something we use to describe sleep. And sleep is what most men do after sex, right? Although, I cannot deny that I sleep very well after a good sex session and I believe I am not the only woman who does this.

But the word I eventually chose for this post is zipper. How many women out there cannot help but glance at a man’s zipper? Any man? I have caught myself countless times looking at the zipper of a man. Whether I am at work or somewhere out in public, I look. My eyes are drawn to it and I am always aware that I have looked. There were times that the man in question noticed me looking and I blushed.

I have no idea why I look. Is it the same as when men look at a woman’s ass or tits? Do they just look because they can or because they are drawn to the woman? Or maybe to her bodily curves? Like I said, I look at any man. No matter who he is, I look. I do not have to feel attracted to him. Even then, I look. And men I have met more than once? I still look. There is something about a man’s crotch that always attracts my attention. What are they hiding behind their zippers? Is the penis hiding there long or short, thick or thin, circumcised or not? How would it feel if that cock fucks me? How would it taste? How would the semen coming from it taste?

Those questions are not conscious questions I ask myself when I look at the zippers. But I think unconsciously I do wonder about those things. I am a highly sexual person and think about sex several times a day and unconsciously looking at a man’s crotch might have to do with that.

So ladies, who else catch themselves looking at men’s zippers and wondering just what is hidden behind it? And men, do you ever look at another man’s crotch, because I certainly look at women’s asses and tits!

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This post links in with the A-Z Blogging Challenge and it brings me full circle with this challenge.
It was fun and I think I will do it again in 2015.
Z = Zipper