W is for Wish

Some time ago, in my orgasm control post, I said that I would love to get an edging task. This has been a desire of me for quite some time, but Master T has never given me this as a task.

I have played around with edging before, frigging my clitoris until I feel that I am very close to an orgasm and the stopping. It left me feeling a bit naughty, but mostly it left me with a longing feeling. Not a longing feeling to continue to an orgasm, but the longing to have an edging task just deepened. Edging when only I know that I am doing it is not as satisfying – if that even is the right word – as doing it when Master T has tasked me with it. This was my reasoning.

One night in bed, I played a bit and then stopped just short of an orgasm. When Master T came to bed, I told Him what I had done. I told Him because I hoped to trigger Him to give me an edging task, but instead of that He forced me to have several orgasms. This of course was another thing that was mentioned in my orgasm control post, but it was not the outcome I was waiting for. I will write more about the forced orgasms in another post.

Several days after the forced orgasms, I sent Master T a message that I am horny and that I really wanted to edge for some time, just so I know how it feels, but also for me to feel His control and to be focused on my body.

wishsBe careful what you wish for…

This is the message Master T sent back. I stared at it for a couple of moments. Was I going to regret asking for this task? I shrugged my shoulders and said that I know I have to be careful, but I would never know if I like edging or not if I don’t try it.

Start now!

I smiled when I saw the message, but had to ask for more details. How long, how many times?

Seven times a day, until Friday. You are allowed to orgasm on Friday night, at the play date.

Seven days. For seven days I had to edge, seven times a day. Three on the first, as I got the task in the evening. Seven days on all the others, spread out during the day, whether I am at work or at home.

That first night, laying in bed after having edged three times and feeling very horny, I wondered if it was indeed clever to have wished for this.

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W = Wish

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  1. Mwahahahaha, I love this 😀 I’m only laughing because it’s someone else having to do it, and not me 😉

    Flip x

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