V is for Vagina

There are so many words that I could have used for the letter ‘V’ that would have been less obvious to choose than ‘vagina’. Vanilla, viagra, vampire, vamp, vibrator, victory, vegetable, vitamins, voyeur, vulva, voluptuous, virgin… those are just a few that I found in a list I consulted. But, I chose ‘vagina’.


From a very young age I have discovered that my vagina has powers. No! Not like Superman powers or some Merlin magic, but it had power over men. There was the man who wanted to feel my pussy and sometimes just look at it. I was nine. There was the neighbour boy who wanted me to spread my legs, pull my knickers to the side and show him my pussy. I was fourteen, he was nineteen. There was the soldier who frequently had his hands in my pants, touching my wetness, pushing a finger into it. I was fifteen, he was twenty-one. Oh I can mention a couple more, but you get the idea.

Of course I know that it was not like these men were drawn only towards my vagina and that all of the touching and groping was only their doing. No, I am fully aware that if I did not want anyone to touch or see my pussy, if I did not like it as much as I did and do, the above-mentioned things would not have happened.

You see, my pussy seems to have powers over me too.

I am always aware of that specific pleasure zone. I am instantly aware when I am wet. I am instantly aware when my clitoris is only a bit swollen. My vagina seems to get a tingly feeling in it, almost like tiny contractions, when it needs to be touched. I like to touch myself and I like to watch when I touch myself. It excites me to see the puffy lips, to feel the wetness, to experience all the sensations running through my body because my pussy is being touched.

It’s not only touching that excites me this much. Touching and being watched is a combination I love. Sometimes it takes some moments to get over a bit of self-consciousness, but then I just love to know I am being watched, that all that I or someone else does to my pussy, is seen by others. The thrill of them seeing the pleasures I derive from my center adds to all the sensations in my body.

This post is not the first one where I have spoken about my pussy. I have also written a post for Molly’s Pussy Pride Project. Combine that post with this one and you know how important my pussy is to me.

What about touching and licking the vagina of another woman? Don’t even get me started on that…

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V = Vagina

8 thoughts on “V is for Vagina

  1. Super power did make me giggle and then send my imagination into overdrive!

    But more importantly, you’ve inspired me to write a post about mine, or at least add it to my ever growing list of posts I need to write, thank you :).

  2. i adore your vagina and more over you story about your vagina and the power of your vagina!
    you are beautiful and so is your pussy!

  3. What lies underneath ladies undergarments has been at the forefront of my mind for as long as I can remember.

    Getting there took a lot longer than I would have liked though!

    Great post!

  4. I enjoyed reading this. I wish I knew what you did when you were young. I had no idea for my vagina was for. I just knew it felt really good when I touched myself. I guess I “was” a slow learner in regards to my vagina. lol.
    Great photo as always 😀

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