U is for Used

I love to be used. More specifically, I love to be used by Master T. Twice up to now He has done it in a way that made me feel like a whore used only for His pleasure.

usedThat made me happy…

A couple of times He had brought me to orgasm. I was on my back, my legs spread wide, my body begging for pleasure. I was wet. Wet and ready. Ready to be fucked. Ready to feel Him.

“Get on your knees and face the television,” He said.
This meant that my back would be turned to Him. The moment I turned around, He told me to straddle Him. He pushed me forward and I supported myself on my elbows between His legs. My ass and pussy was spread wide for Him to see and touch. He pushed two fingers deep into my pussy, fingering me until I reach another orgasm. Master T spread my ass cheeks, exposing my darker hole to the colder air around. He touched me there, knowing how hot it makes me, knowing how much I like it.

The more he fingered me, the more I arched my back. The more orgasms I had, the more I wanted. The more he spread my ass, the more I felt like an object being used for His pleasure. The more used I felt, the happier I was. Even though my pussy started hurting from the rough fingering, I did not want Him to stop.

Eventually He told me to sit up, to lean back on His chest. His kept His hands on my hips and told me to finger myself. As I started frigging my clitoris, He started scratching my back. From top to bottom, hard. Over and over again. A burning sensation covered my back, made me want more, and made my pussy wetter. The combination of the pleasure from rubbing my wet cunt and clitoris and the pain from Master T’s nails harshly scratching my back, made me climax several times. With permission. For seconds I wondered if Master T did not mind me wetting His T-shirt with my juices, but it was obvious that He did not care.

He pushed my hands aside and slowly circled my clitoris, slowly building my orgasm. I pushed my hips forward, into His hand. There is something about this position, about having my legs stretched and locked into position and having my clitoris rubbed that brings on a huge orgasm, one of those that consume every fiber in my body and make me collapse for a couple of minutes. But this time there was an added stimulant – not being able to see Master T. Almost being disconnected from Him. Feeling like His sex toy, like an item He is using for His pleasure. The head space I was in as well as the sensations building between my legs pushed me over the edge. I climaxed and collapsed.

Master T fucked my sensitive cunt afterward, with me facing Him. We reconnected, we kissed, we hugged. I was sensitive inside and felt the pulsating of His cock when He ejaculated inside me. In His arms afterward, just before I fell asleep, I had a smile on my face. I love to be used for His pleasure.

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U = Used

8 thoughts on “U is for Used

  1. Oh so hot! I understand what you mean by that orgasm where he fingers you but you can’t see him. My husband has me sit against his chest, his feet spread my legs wide and when I orgasm from this (normally the other hand will grip roughly a breast, grip my hair, or apply slight pressure around my throat) it absolutely consumes me.
    Again, so freaking hot.

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