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Maschalagnia. Yes, I know, that is quite a word, and one I most probably do not pronounce properly when I say it out loud. So what is it? Mashalagnia is armpit fetishism and this is what Wikipedia says about it:

Armpit fetishism (also known as maschalagnia) is a partialism in which an individual is sexually attracted to armpits – something which may lead to axillism, or armpit intercourse (sexual activity with one or both armpits).

Now, this is definitely NOT a kink of me. I could have done without armpits, thank you very much. Or at least without the smell that can come from them.

Okay, let me explain myself a bit here, but before I do, I have to say that just like with other kinks that are not mine, I respect and accept that this might be a kink of others.

Back when I was just becoming a teenager, I started sweating more than normal. So much so, that my mother took me to a homeopath and for some time (years, I think) I took homeopathic tablets to lessen the sweat production. I don’t know why I ever stopped with the tablets. Maybe it was because things turned to normal, I don’t know. Then I started working. I took a bath every day before I went to work and then made my way to my work by public transport. On my first birthday there – by then I had been working there for 3 months – I entered my office and found deodorant and soap on my desk. I was so intensely ashamed and never found out who was the cruel person that put that on my desk.

armpitsMy obsession with staying clean started right there. Even though I was clean back then, I became hyper focused on my armpits. It almost became an obsession. Up to today, I will spray deodorant in my armpits if ever I feel that I am sweating or have the slightest idea that someone might smell me. I am well into menopause and get the hot flushes that is so common in this time of a woman’s life, and yes, then I sweat. Believe me, I have deodorant everywhere. At home, in the car and at my work. No one is ever going to smell me. Not a chance!

So, am I attracted to armpits of anyone else, or will I ever be? Nope, I don’t think so. Armpits are just part of our bodies and not in the slightest way do I find them erotic. Not on myself, not on anyone else. An armpit fetish might be a partialism, but believe me, I find other parts of the body much more interesting and erotic than pits!

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12 thoughts on “Smelly stuff

  1. Whoever left that little ‘gift’ for you should be ashamed for not having the decency to say something in private and politely. I’d have wanted to know if I was in your position, but not like that. Sweating is natural and we should not be made to feel ashamed. I too have the deodorant addiction. Deodorant can be found everywhere.

  2. Definitely not a fetish of mine either.

    But was pretty cruel of whoever left that on your desk. Cowardly too.

  3. Sweaty yucky smells can be a problem- some of that might be not because you are not clean- but residual bacteria. I found that scrubbing the pit with a drop of “Hib-iclens” for a minute does the trick for me. I discovered it at a long ago hospital stay in which I had to scrub up for surgery. It is a pretty pink and thin as water, and does not suds. but i works. I follow it with only a light zinc- based deodorant, but do not use sweat guard at all.

  4. “Don’t sweat the petty things . . . Pet the sweaty things!” was always a motto here.

    I am truly sorry for the experience you had, nobody should be self conscious about sweating.

    I’m not into armpits or sweating, but have a great appreciation for getting sweaty.

  5. Not a fetish for me either, but I think they can be erotic. Just another part of the body that can be photographed erotically, but on their own, not a fetish for me. I think the world could be a little bit kinder to those that suffer from body odors. It’s definitely a genetic/chemical thing. I once had a foreign exchange student stay with my family. She always had a bit of body odor. I felt sorry for her, because it wasn’t like she didn’t shower, just her body worked in overdrive. I bet taking the showers and stripping her body of the sweat/oils, actually made the situation worse. Sadly though, its not like she could just forego showers all together.

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