Shattered glass

I tried not to look. I felt the pull. The pull towards the abyss. The deep abyss right next to my foot. One little push and it will be the end. One wrong move will cause my death.

There she was. I heard her laughter. She would help me, move me away from the abyss and to a safe place. But, she was not alone. I heard his voice. The man she had with her the last two weekends. Despair filled me. Now there would be no attention for me. Laughter and talking came from the room next to where I was impatiently waiting.
“Do you want something to drink?” I heard her voice.
“Do you have wine?”
“Yes, I do.”

Relief flooded through me. My rescue from certain destruction was close. Just as I saw her enter through the archway, the man appeared behind her, grabbed her arm, swung her around and kissed her. The visitor’s fingers were entangled in her hair. I watched as the visitor pulled her head back and I heard her whimpering. The new lover kissed her neck and from her moans it was clear that she was enjoying it. They haven’t seen me yet. I suspected they would leave without seeing me. Slight panic filled me, but I quickly pushed it away. I just had to be patient.

“I want to fuck you.”

That was the man’s voice. I did not have to hear that. I really did not want to listen to that. Why don’t they just take their lust to the bedroom, like they did before? Since she has no attention for me I preferred them to leave.

“Please do,” she said, “right here.”

Here? What? Did she say here? No please, not here. I cannot handle that. These thoughts stream through me while I still refused to look at them. A shiver went through me. No! No, no, no! They cannot do that. In horror I watch them kiss. Her bottom pressed against the table. I shivered once more, not from fear, but her bumping against the table. Their kisses were passionate, frantic. Full of unbridled lust. The man stopped kissing her, smiled down at her. His fingers were on her upper thighs, walking her skirt up higher and pushing it up over her hips. He lifted her onto the table in one smooth movement, causing me to shiver again.

I cast a quick look on the abyss. Was I closer to it? Or is that only my imagination? It sure looked closer. Another shiver ran through me. An intense feeling came over me. Yes! I moved away from the abyss. Oh thank god, I moved away. Please, let them bump against the table again! I glanced over to where she was now laying on the the table, her legs spread, her knees bent. She looked at the man as he slowly pulled down his fly and pulled out his cock.

“You wanted to be fucked?”
“Yes,” she gasped, “yes!”

He took a step forward, bumping against the table again. Yes, I moved further away from the edge of the table. This is good, this is going to save me. I looked at them and watched as he slammed his hard cock into her wet pussy. Okay, technically I could not see either his cock or her pussy, let alone know that she was wet. I just assumed that that was what was happening and how it was. He pulled out and slammed back in. Each time he slammed into her, I moved further away from the abyss. This is going to end well. Relief flooded through me.

“Oh yes,” she moaned, “fuck me harder.”
“As you wish,” the man said.

Constant vibrations ran through the table, moving me even further towards the middle of the table. I was starting to feel safe again. Saved. Rescued. Everything was going to be okay.

“Oh fuck, yes! Harder! Fuck me deep! Yes! Harder. Yes! Yes!”

glass1She was talking constantly and the more she asked, the harder he seemed to fuck her. I watched and then… horror! As if in slow motion I saw her arm moving up and towards me. She struck me hard, sending me flying across the table and over the edge. I’m falling, oh no, I’m…

“What was that?” he asked when he heard the crashing sound.
“Oh bummer, just a glass. Don’t stop, fuck me!”

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