Q is for Question

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While spending time with my daughter we talked about the upcoming birth of her second child. Actually, we spoke about quite a lot of subjects. We had been talking about Fifty Shades too as she was reading it for a second time and this time she found it incredibly boring. She – just like her mother – has the habit of changing from one subject to another and then back to a previous subject again. She told me that she had read that endorphins are being released in the brains during labor and that it works like the body’s own morphine and you don’t feel the pain as bad. I told her that it works the same when you feel other kinds of pain and I took Anastasia of Fifty Shades as an example and said that if she would be whipped, endorphins would eventually take over.

My daughter looked at me suspiciously and asked how I know this. Then, right after her question she said she did not want to know. She said it with a huge smile.

I told her that I am always willing to answer all her questions – except to give her the name of my blog or the pseudonym I write under – but that before she asks me a question, she should consider whether she really wants to know the answer to her question.
“I don’t have anything to hide, don’t have anything to be ashamed off. I live my life the way I do without hurting anyone in the process. So if you have a question, consider whether you really want to know the answer and ask it. I will answer you.”

She understood and said she will ask when she really wants to know something, but for now she had no questions. She just accepts that I have a sex blog and she’s perfectly okay with it.

As for my two other kids and my mom – they know they can ask questions too, and I will answer. I won’t ever volunteer any information, but only answer the question asked. That way I will not burden them with more than they want to know.

Do I want them to ask the questions so I can tell them more? No. I am okay if they don’t want to know more, if they are happy with just knowing mom has a sex blog and is writing sex stories. If they never want to know more than this, it’s perfectly okay.

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Q = Question

8 thoughts on “Q is for Question

  1. My daughter and I are very close, and she knows ‘something’ about what I do (her boyfriend noticed my collar and as he’s kink aware he understood atleast some of the significance too). She’s fine about it, she just doesn;t wish to know details!

    Flip x

    1. It’s great that she is fine with it! And that she doesn’t want the details – well that’s just how it works with kids not wanting to know that their parents have sex 😉

      Rebel xox

  2. I think your attitude towards being “out” with family is about perfect. You are open and honest without giving too much information. 🙂

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