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memorylanePete (not his real name) is another man whom I met through a chat website. We went out for dinner a couple of times and it was nice getting to know each other. He was involved in a long-distance relationship and I was single and not looking for any relationship. That meant that we could be together without any obligations.

I visited him at his home. If I remember correctly I went there only twice. Three at most. He knew that I was into making sexy photos of myself and posting them on a special password protected website. He also knew that it was not always possible for me to get the shots I liked, so he offered to help me.

When at first I arrived at his place, we would have coffee and just talk. Either him or me would eventually hint at me getting naked so we can make some photos. Of course it made both of us feel incredibly horny to know that I will be naked. However, I respected that he did not want sex. He did not want to cheat on his girlfriend, someone he wanted to build a live with once his personal circumstances allowed it.

The first time I was there, I was wearing a short skirt, a jersey and no underwear. Since it was cold outside, I was wearing see-through tights too. He shot a couple of photos of me with my clothes on and of me with my legs spread. My pussy was visible through my tights. I know I was wet, but I also knew that I would have to take care of myself once I got home. He was not going to help me get to an orgasm. We made more photos with me in different stages of being undressed. I stood on the stairs in his house, stood behind a plant and lay on the floor and all the time he was busy with the camera. When I left, I had enough photos to last me for quite some time.

The second time I went to him, it was summer. I was wearing a red bra and a red G-string and a summer’s dress. I had my small vibrator with me, as I wanted some photos with that too. He was in for it. Yet again we started the evening with coffee and some talking. He told me about the new things happing in his LDR relationship and I told him about my online adventures or people I have met. But soon we started making photos again. Soon I was on the floor, on my back wearing only my red bra and string. I slipped my hand in my panties and rubbed myself. I was wet, already very excited only by the thought of being photographed. It was a pity I would have to go home without sex again.

For some time I was partially clothes, but then my bra and string came off too. I played around with the vibrator, pushing it into my wet pussy and fucking myself with it. He watched and made photos. I think he even touched me, maybe even helped me to an orgasm, but I cannot remember that clearly.

What I do remember clearly is the surprise I felt when, after the photos and after an orgasm on my side, he told me that he wanted me to suck him. I looked at him in surprise. He told me that he did not consider me sucking him as cheating on his girlfriend. If he would fuck me, yes, that would be cheating, but not when I sucked him. I was too horny to care, so I sucked him. He made a couple of photos of that too. Once he climaxed – not in my mouth – I was even hornier than before. Unfortunately, yet again, I knew I would have to take care of myself once I got home. I would have to bring myself to orgasm.

What happened to Pete? I have no idea. We eventually lost contact after we have exchanged emails for quite some time. He knows I am with Master T now and I know he moved in with his girlfriend. He might even have gotten married. I hope he is very happy, wherever he is and that he sometimes thinks back on those evenings we had together. And I hope that when he thinks about those photo shoots, he has a smile on his face!

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  1. I always find it interesting the justifications people make for themselves. Proper intercourse, BAD. Oral intercourse, GOOD. hehehe. Thanks for taking us down memory lane. That was actually a very hot story.

    1. He was okay with this justification for himself, and of course I was too, because I just wanted to get off 😉
      Thanks, I like to take trips down memory lane.

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