O is for Openness

In my last Sinful Sunday post I mentioned that my mom knows about my blog. Some of my readers have commented that it is so cool that she knows, which had me realize that I have to nuance this just a bit.

You see, my mom knows about my blog, but she does not have the URL to it. She also knows I write and that I have been published, and she is incredibly proud of it. She even told a colleague that I write erotica. Now how cool is that? But, just like she doesn’t know the URL to my blog, she will never hear my pseudonym coming from my mouth.

My mom is not the only one who knows about my blog. My kids know it too. I have told them. One of my cousins – the only one I have close contact with – knows it too. They all also know I write and that I have been published. But, just like with my mom, I won’t ever give them more information than that. If my mom, my kids or my cousin stumble across my blog and they recognize me, so be it. In my opinion, if they go out and search for it, they want to know more about it and they want to read it. I have told all of them that I cannot prevent them from searching for it, but that if they find and read it, I do not want to be judged, because that is just who I am. My blog or my writing do not change the person I am.

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Why the openness towards my mom and kids? Because I am a person who finds it difficult to keep the things I do and am excited about to myself. I knew that if I keep every little detail from them, one day I might slip up and mention my sex blog and they all will be shocked. So I told them about the sex blog but kept the URL or name of my blog to myself. They know I write erotica and have been published, but I will never tell them under what name I write. Being open to them to a certain extent just makes life a lot easier than keeping everything from them. I told them as much as I feel comfortable with and just enough so I know I won’t slip up and accidentally tell them more.

Openness is one of my personality traits, but at the same time it’s one of my pitfalls, as I sometimes tell the wrong people just a bit too much.

But at least I can be rather open to my mom and kids, and they accept me for who I am.

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O = Openness

8 thoughts on “O is for Openness

  1. My mother and most close family would not understand my lifestyle choices, so I keep it to myself, but I like that, having something for myself, to enjoy on my own terms.

    Flip xx

    1. I can totally understand that and where I know my mother or kids might stumble over my blog, I hope they never do as it might change the way I write, and I don’t want that.

      Rebel xox

  2. I was totally out to my mother about kink when she was alive. I actually regret that decision, as Mom always struggled with knowing I was a dominant and sadist. She felt that striking a woman was disrespectful, even if the woman asked to be struck.

    I think the approach you take is ideal. let them know a little, but not the whole picture.

    I’m big on transparency, but often needed to be more selective about who I was transparent to!

  3. I am a closed book as far as my blog is concerned, my family and friends would be shocked and would not be so accepting as I suspect that yours would be. I would be a “someone they do not recognise any more”.

    So for me it is just those that read it and my man that is aware of it and you know I quite like it that way. I like that it is something that is just my place and that only those that are accepting of it and my man are aware of its existence.

    If it ever becomes the knowledge of my family and friends then I will deal with it, however, it is likely that I will lose many of them if that ever happened. Sad but true and I accept that this could be the consequence of my identity being revealed.

    ~Mia~ xx

  4. I have that level of openness with a lot of people. I choose not to share the URL to my own blog because I really want it to be “my” space. It’s the one place I can dump everything on and not hurt anyone’s feelings.

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