Orgasm Control

I saw this month’s prompt when it popped into my email while I was still at work and I wanted to start writing immediately. I had so incredibly much I wanted to say about orgasm control.

Orgasm control? Yes! Please! Yes!

I have written about it on this blog before. Master T controls all my orgasms. A standard rule is that I have to ask before I orgasm and He will decide whether I am allowed to have one or not. Even if I want to masturbate during daytime, I have to ask Him, whether He is close to me or we are both at our work places. And I am not allowed to have an orgasm before I have permission. Obviously! So no matter how horny I am, if I have mailed Him and He doesn’t answer right away, I have to wait until I receive an answer. Yes, the answer can be ‘no’.

Sometimes, during sex, He will tell me to orgasm, before I can ask. These are not forced orgasm. He knows me well enough to know when I am getting closer and then, just before I can ask, He actually gives me permission to climax. But, there are the other moments where I ask and he totally denies me an orgasm. If this happens during the day, I try to concentrate on something else and that normally helps. When He does this during sex, I beg for Him to please allow me an orgasm, since I am so close. After several minutes, He normally does.

Do I like that Master T is in control of my orgasms?
Yes, I do. I love that He controls my body, that He decides when my body is allowed to experience pleasure. I love that He has the power to deny me that pleasure, just because He can!

One thing I still would love for Him to do, is to control my orgasm in such a way that He forces me to edge during the day and I that am not allowed to climax until He says I should. I have never edged before and am curious to know how it feels.

no1Another thing I would love to experience at least once, is for Master T to deny me orgasm for some time. Like for a week, or a month, or maybe to totally deny me any kind of orgasm during sex. I know I might regret these wishes in the end, but I would like to experience it at least once.

Orgasm control is very much part of our D/s relationship and has been almost from the day we started.

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This post also ties in with the A-Z Blogging Challenge
D = Denial

11 thoughts on “Orgasm Control

  1. I still have to read and comment on all posts, but I already understand what you mean with the fine line.
    And yes, I have to be careful what I wish for 😉

    Rebel xox

  2. I confess to wishing for things that I suspect I may end up hating as well – but I too love the idea of having my orgasms control by W! We play with forced orgasms, but he has no desire to grant or deny me permission. (sad face) Of course, as soon as he DID decide to do so, and I *was* denied it when I wanted it, I’d probably hate it! Heh.

    1. I really, really, really hope Master T will give me an edging task, just so I can experience it at least once 😉
      And yes, I know I might regret ever asking for this.

  3. You’re a brave lady with your wishes for an experience that would deny you an orgasm for an extended period of time. Though not part of my dynamic i could can as a Top how watching someone suffer and aching to cum for a period of time might be fun.

  4. We have some chastity devices but only played short-term with them; but like censorship, if you try to deny someone something, they normally end up fighting and wanting it more. 😉

    1. I have the feeling telling me I am not allowed to orgasm for some time, or forcing me to edge for some time, might totally want me to have more orgasms. I am curious to try and I hope Master T gives me this as a task. But it’s not for me to decide 😉

      Rebel xox

  5. I have to be very careful with orgasm control which I will expand upon more when I write my post about this subject.

    I know that it quite a strong link with many D/s relationships but not so much with ours.

    I am glad that it enhances and reinforces your submission.

    ~Mia~ xx

  6. I am on orgasm control at the moment. It had been quite a time since I have been allowed to orgasm. I am expected to edge regularly but to stop just before I come. I don’t know whether when I see him it will continue in denial, no matter what we get up to, or if it will swap to forced orgasms. Both options are a very strong part of our kink.

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