Orgasm Control

I saw this month’s prompt when it popped into my email while I was still at work and I wanted to start writing immediately. I had so incredibly much I wanted to say about orgasm control.

Orgasm control? Yes! Please! Yes!

I have written about it on this blog before. Master T controls all my orgasms. A standard rule is that I have to ask before I orgasm and He will decide whether I am allowed to have one or not. Even if I want to masturbate during daytime, I have to ask Him, whether He is close to me or we are both at our work places. And I am not allowed to have an orgasm before I have permission. Obviously! So no matter how horny I am, if I have mailed Him and He doesn’t answer right away, I have to wait until I receive an answer. Yes, the answer can be ‘no’.

Sometimes, during sex, He will tell me to orgasm, before I can ask. These are not forced orgasm. He knows me well enough to know when I am getting closer and then, just before I can ask, He actually gives me permission to climax. But, there are the other moments where I ask and he totally denies me an orgasm. If this happens during the day, I try to concentrate on something else and that normally helps. When He does this during sex, I beg for Him to please allow me an orgasm, since I am so close. After several minutes, He normally does.

Do I like that Master T is in control of my orgasms?
Yes, I do. I love that He controls my body, that He decides when my body is allowed to experience pleasure. I love that He has the power to deny me that pleasure, just because He can!

One thing I still would love for Him to do, is to control my orgasm in such a way that He forces me to edge during the day and I that am not allowed to climax until He says I should. I have never edged before and am curious to know how it feels.

no1Another thing I would love to experience at least once, is for Master T to deny me orgasm for some time. Like for a week, or a month, or maybe to totally deny me any kind of orgasm during sex. I know I might regret these wishes in the end, but I would like to experience it at least once.

Orgasm control is very much part of our D/s relationship and has been almost from the day we started.

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